The worst religion of all  : Communism

    Judaism, an amalgam of earlier plural god worship which introduced  Monotheism, a single God trumping all others, was the basis of Chrisitianity and Islam. In all of these religions, obedience to the official book,  is impressed on the common reader in order to reach some promised  heaven, reachable only after death. All three religions quietly campaign against gnostic influences like, fortune tellers, psychics, medium's etc.
And messaging dreams and internal voices only happen to the heroic figures. They are not for the common reader !

    Islam accepts fleeting gnosis events in peoples daily lives as in prayers, adherents acknowldge  invisible guardian angles. over each shoulder. Islam offer no way to contact them or make permanent the Angel's presence. That would be gnosis !

   The civilising stabilising effects of occupying a society with  rituals and obligations is always useful to  administrators in retaining control of the society.Obedience training  for all. Ten commandments for everyone but the preisthood, who anoints the King. 

   In about the 8th century  a small kingdom  Kazaaria, in southern Russia was a mix of rebellious subjects. Apparently an unhappy mix of Turkish and Mongol nomads who  were partly civilised by the  King adopting  as an official  state religion, Judaism.
Travellers remarked on the oddness of  encountering in Russia, people with strange asian  faces who apparently  thought they were jewish. Fair skinned blue eyed people were also noticed there  practising Judaic devotions.

   As usual  this society produced a continuous strand of psychopaths. The 1% or more who are genetically and emotionally obsessed, unable to coexist with others, Forever desirous of controlling all of the "threatening people" around them, from above. 

Clearly personal fear is a major motivator of these indivuduals.

   The Kazaar people were scattered by another mongol invasion and finished up in Poland Russia,  most of the flock  still obediently practising their adopted jewish religion.
Produced genetically in this population to this very day is the 1 or more percent who can't coexist in any society.
Over the centuries they produced revolutionary literature forever aimed at dismantling by violence their host states. Marx etc.
Bolshevik Lenin was a Kazaar. One of the 1-5% percent.
   Realise that this thin strand of  psychopathic mentality  in every generation rejects the religious devotions and beliefs of the rest of their Judaic  flock. These psychopaths still can't  coexist even with their own group. Their personal alienation is so strong they are more than  happy to sacrifice their own judaic flock  in  very large numbers to achieve their fear driven objective of controlling everyone else.  
   These psychopaths, malcontents  natural born conspirators and insurgents enjoy an international kinship with key people  of major financial influence.
And  thus for geopolitical powerblock conflicts, economic, cultural, millitary these dissafected  psychopathic individuals make ideal and more than willing footsoldiers.
Though they reject God and religions with utter contempt, they use every  religious foothold and handhold to justify psychopathic behaviours. Literally wolves in Sheeps clothing.
   Dual nationality and institutionalised duplicity  from childhood with their secret rule book the Talmud which says anything goes, ten commandments don't count for us; And that's for the religious people in the flock !  So  most religious devotees can easily be persuaded to give support to the 1% psychopaths.
  Now where did these people chased out of Kazaria in the 12-13th century finally finish up? 
Most Israelis today are by birth Russian. And atheists to boot.
    Most of their politicians are ardent atheists, ex generals who change their russian / polish names to Holy Judaic names for political benefit..Insititutionalised duplicity.

    Elements of worldwide jewry believing the diaspora story have migrated to Israel to discover it be largely a Marxist state. Governed by ardent atheists using religious justifications to operate continous war against all humanity over its borders. And inside it's borders even against different coloured recognised jews. The sephardic olive skinned  jews are not allowed access to public housing. The ashkenazim "jews" from Europe dominate all others. They operate an  apartheid system  in the state of Israel..Christianity is persecuted. Just like in 1917. It is illegal to have a civil  marriage. ceremony. The official state religion is Judaism. Just like Kazaria.
Thus many people leave Israel when they discover what it really is.
Anything but the   popular propagandised  notion- a colony of pious  persecuted religious people finally returning to their homeland to worship a wall. 

So summarising, the "success" of Judaism was emulated by Christianity and Islam.
An illegitimate offspring of the jewish  faith was created, when  Judaism was copied and pasted into  Kazaria to pacify a rebelllious people. A  1% strand  there has always done the opposite as they are genetic rebels. Deeply disaffected. natural anarchists. Psychopaths with severely distorted emotional spectra. Still causing havoc today.These people are under the strongest illusion of separation from God.

    LAY GNOSIS enables people to meet the living one true god that resides as a silent partner in all  people,  in one's daily internal awareness.
Even the most disaffected, most psychopathic indivlduals  can have a much better internal life. Showered with biochemical affection repeatedly, daily, even the most raging fearful spirit can be made content.
Nothing to kill or die for. Above us only sky.

Jewish Scholar - 'Jewish People' Were Invented
Kazaria capital discovered


Do notice the religious fervour and the religious goals of these anti-religious obsessive control freaks. Their philosophy was aseembled over hundreds of years. Not suprising they were unwelcome in host nations.

Even though Communist Russia has collapsed many of its  cruel principles turn up in our daily lives used by media operators, governments, corporations and activist groups. Wake up, Godlings. It's a war aginst humanity turning our garden of Eden into a prison planet.

Tavistock is a major purveyor of  these influences still, to break the morale of societies so they surrender to the globalists. Bilderbergers. Demoralising influences to crush hunanity include homosexuality in your face, even promoted to first year schoolkids, Elimination of the words Mother and Father from school curricula, (California), Pornography, as early as possible , War against men is called feminism. search Henry Makow. 
Feminism was re-commenced in the 60's in the magazine Ms operated by the CIA for the Bankers, the elite, the Rockefellers.To enslave women  (working, paying taxes) and drive them away from men. Over-tolerance and political correctness in favour of minority groups is an attack on the nation's majority. To strike fear into them.To demoralise them into surrender.The goal is to make the abnormal the norm.
Mikhail Gorbachev said that feminism was too successful in the Soviet union and contributed to its downfall. Introduced in 1917 to smash the "evil" Czarist society they mistakenly left it running, contributing to Russias downfall.

Essentially there is a psychopaths war against humanity. It attempts to break every society boundary by making the abnormal the norm. A society with no boundaries is engineered anarchy. Its hard to see what these psychopaths approve of, anything they don't want to smash.

They campaign against everything including themselves.

And don't forget  Codex alimentarius. try Youtube.
German industrialist attempt to control vitamins and food intakes and make it illegal for doctors to advise dietary changes for health ! They will only be allowed to recommend drugs. No surprise Codex Alimetarius is pushed by giant drug companies thru the EU which goes worldwide.  YOU are under attack, Godling, more than you ever knew. Wake up.

Below is a seasoned insider from the KGB. The methods he describes to attack all societies by demoralising them, subverting them is still ongoing . You can recognise the influences. It comes out of Tavistock. It's running Europe, and America. This war against humanity is  hndreds of years long and is carried out by psychopaths at the top of the heap who see everyone as the enemy. 

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Henry Makow A good read


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Yuri Bezmenov
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"Religions are opium of the people"  Karl Marx further quoted- but his fervour
 here implies what? -religious?-fanatical?-complete anarchist?-Is revolution
"the opium of  the anarchists"? Marx hates God and religions so what does he
 think 'Jewish' means?  And he believes in Messiahship !
The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah.
It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship.
 In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders
without  encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

In the expanded edition of "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" (2002) available online, Estonian writer Jyri Lina unearths Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish authors who take credit for Communism, and by extension World Government. While long suspected, this has rarely been confirmed by Jewish sources.