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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
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NWO : Front for Cabalist Jewish Tyranny

May 17, 2009

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the expanded edition of "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" (2002) available online, Estonian writer Jyri Lina unearths Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish authors who take credit for Communism, and by extension World Government. While long suspected, this has rarely been confirmed by Jewish sources.

The Bolshevik Revolution "was brought about through the hands of the Jews," M. Kohan wrote April 12, 1919 in the newspaper Kommunist (Kharkov). The article is entitled:"The Jews' Service to the Working Class" and continues: "Could the dark and oppressed masses of Russian workers and peasants throw off the yoke of the bourgeoisie themselves? No, it was Jews from beginning to end who showed [them] the way to the rosy dawn of internationalism and who to this day rule the Soviet Russia." (p.161)

Lina cites a Zionist (i.e. Masonic) document found on the body of a Jewish Communist Battalion Commander published in an Estonian newspaper on Dec 31, 1919 that suggests Communism in fact was a disguised economic, race and religious war:

"Sons of Israel! The time of our final victory is near. We stand at the begining of our world dominion and our reknown....We have transformed Russia into an economic slave and taken nearly all of its riches..We must eliminate their best and most talented individuals...We must provoke class war and dissension among
the blind peasants and workers [and] ...annihilate the cultural values the Christian peoples have acquired...faithful sons of Israel hold the highest posts in the nation and rule over the enslaved Slavs." (p.162)

Lina's book provides substantial support for the view (which I share) that mankind is the victim of a long-term Satanic (Cabalist Jewish, Masonic) conspiracy to enslave and despoil it. The Masonic & Jewish central banking cartel used the rhetoric of Communism (class warfare & public ownership) to conquer Russia and China. These were basically foreign (Jewish, Masonic) invasions disguised as "revolutions." Talk of reform was a ruse. The New World Order is an extension of the same force to embrace the whole planet.

Naturally, the Communists didn't want this connection made. They outlawed "anti-Semitism" on pain of death. Russian patriots were regarded as "anti-Semitic" and exterminated. People in possession of the "Protocols of Zion" were executed on the spot.

The fact that Communist atrocities are soft pedaled here in the West and "hate laws" introduced, confirms that the same power is in control here. Based on their track record, unless they have changed, we could be in grave danger. Communist executions were published in the Cheka's weekly newspaper. In 1917-18, 1.7 million people were executed. From Jan 1921 to April 1922, 700,000 were executed. Among the victims were the cream of Russian society-bishops, professors, writers, doctors-- all accused of "anti-social thinking." Lina writes that "the eyes of church dignitaries were poked out, their tongues were cut off and they were burned alive...The Bishop if Voronezh was boiled alive in a big pot and monks forced to drink this soup." (pp. 110-112)

Luna cites the Old Testament (Isaiah, Deuteronomy) as the ideological source of this barbarism. Their God commanded the Jews to slaughter and enslave the goyim and to take their property. (p.113) (Lina, however, is no Christian--calling Christianity the "religion of slaves.")

In reality, most Jews today were not alive in 1918-1922 and would be apalled by the idea that there is a Satanic Jewish conspiracy to enslave mankind. They are not a conscious part of it. Most would be opposed to it. Most haven't a clue about the Talmud or the Cabala. They do not
realize that Zionism and organized Jewry are run by these fanatical bankers who have a secret agenda.

However the constant calls for non-democratic world government by banker- owned politicians are proof that this conspiracy is indeed very real.

Non-Masonic Jews need to declare their opposition because, if history is any indication, anti-Semitism will grow, and they will be blamed and targeted.

By now, this conspiracy has subverted all social institutions and groups, Jewish and non-Jewish. The way the Gentile elite has succumbed to Satanism is appalling. The most charitable view is that they have been deceived or that the decent ones were all killed in the phoney wars.

Jyri Lina has performed an admirable service by exposing the real character of the Russian Revolution. He puts it in the context of the French Revolution which was instigated by the same forces. In both cases, the "revolutionaries" had no interest in the welfare of the people. Quite the opposite, they dismantled what was good and stole everything of value:

"The Russian workers became slaves to the international extremist Jews..formerly secret Communist Party archives reveal Trotsky had $80 million in US banks and 90 million Swiss Francs in Swiss banks." (157)

Similarly Lina describes how the Masonic Jewish bankers started World War One. He cites an article by a Rabbi Reichorn July 1, 1880: "We shall force the goyim into a war by exploiting their pride arrogance and stupidity." (182)

The Masonic newspaper "British Israel Truth" wrote in 1906: "We must prepare outselves for big changes in a great war which faces the peoples of Europe" (181)

In 1919, a Zionist newspaper wrote that International Jewry forced Europe into the war so "a new Jewish era could begin throughout the world." (181)

We are in the grip of a pernicious power. The true meaning of "Enlightenment" and "Revolution" is to overturn the natural and spiritual order of the universe and replace God with Lucifer who represents the pretensions of the Illuminati (Masonic) and Jewish bankers. Our social, political and cultural life is orchestrated by them.

But like cockroaches, they fear exposure. Juri Lina has shone the light.His must-read book can be purchased for $30 by writing to him directly.


Also by Jyri Luna "Architects of Deception" Freemasonry: Mankind's Deathwish

Comments for "NWO : Front for Cabalist Jewish Tyranny"

Manuel said (May 18, 2009):

Jews who are not on the side of the conspiring Zionists, you have to choose a side right now or when the final battle begins you will be targeted as the enemy too. Do as the orthodox torah following jews are doing in Israel, condemning Zionism and fighting for the truth even with the negative consequences it brings to themselves.

Masons, you have been taken over by the diabolic force, no doubt before you were headed towards a different goal but nowdays you have been infiltrated by Zionist obscure forces.

Mr Makow this article unfolds the reality of anti-Semitism and it demonstrates what has happened with jews throughout history since the beginning of Judaism and the self segregations of jews from mankind. Now days it is fundamental to highlight the fact that it is not all jews who are conspiring for world power or else the unintelligent mob will target innocent people when they start trying to annihilate the foreign conspiring powers.

Larry said (May 18, 2009):

I'm sure you saw the article on Rense by Alan Stang "Republican Party - Red from the Beginning" in which he says that when Marx' revolution in Europe was unsuccessful, the conspirators had to get out of town fast. They came to America and fomented the civil war. That makes perfect sense to me and answers many questions I have always had about that most tragic chapter of American history. This fits right in with your article and shows that America has not lived in splendid isolation from this conspiracy, and in fact is an active participant.

Linda said (May 18, 2009):

Well, James [below], what can I say? Are you a porch brethern or are simply not aware that Cabbala is the basis for the Masonic system? Look at the world structure. You have the masses on the ground, you have the steps of initiated thinking, then the great columns of Masonry. One of those columns is the Revolution for republican government, founded in the Great Revolution of 1789 overturning every Catholic throne and altar in Europe and Latin America, proceeding through the Bolshevik Revolution of the soviet republics now culminating in its true Communist / Globalist phase where the wealth of all nations now cartelizes in a single bank.

This Revolution (still in progress) was financed by the House of Rothschild / Wall St - yes, Jewish Finance and organized and executed by that great Masonic School of Revolution - your brethern in the Grand Orient. Republican and Internationalist government for the Dynastic Elite has been stage managed by your brethern in the OTO.

Masonry is totally complicit in the Revolution, which America - founded as a Masonic Republic - was designed to further and usher into the global phase (along with Russia)

The American Constitution was founded upon principles known by those who have studied the liberal arts, by the Pope and by the Elders of Zion to be illusions. Ideologies contrived by the Princes of Masonry as diversional therapy for the masses and illusions that will cloak the covert rule of the oligarchy: liberalism, equality of rights, party politics and democratic selections.

Or as your brother and comrade Stalin said: "All that matters in a democracy is who counts the votes." Obviously an alumnus of the Grand Orient Lodge.

The only workable democratic institutions that have ever existed were guaranteed under sovereign, constitutional monarchies, such as the Houses of Parliament under Magna Carta or the Bretton Parliament in France which delivered self (but not autonomous) government to the Bretton people right
up until the Masonic Partisans and Sons of Liberty overthrew it in 1789 and set up the Committees of Public Safety over the Bretton People in the general bloodbath.

Masonry, Gentile Masony is totally complicit in Communism and the New World Order.

EQ said (May 18, 2009):

Mr Makow, I have been following your work of late and I commend you on your general overview of the world situation. There is indeed a Talmudic conspiracy throughout the world that is dangerously advanced, and is responsible for the last 300 years of war. I will read this latest book you mention by the Russian writers, Under the sign of the Scorpion, as their input, particularly from the timeframe of the early 20th century is the key to understanding the whole puzzle.

I would direct your attention to what I consider the best book ever put forth on the subject: The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed. This is the first book in my opinion that fully traces the origins of the secret terror from the Pharisaic elders of Deuteronomy all the way through WWII. From the Illuminati plan to start the world Revolution in France to the subtle Zionist takeover of England and the United States to create WWI, and especially the overt explosion of Talmudic vengeance that ravaged the Soviet Union. The level of detail is staggering. It is mind boggling and brilliant, a truly astonishing piece of journalism and history. This book has no equal in Western literature, as Reed herein provides a blueprint of HOW this conspiracy has thus far succeeded.


Thanks-I have read and written about it but you inspire me to revisit this book. Reed is top notch.


Tony said (May 18, 2009):

"Jyri Lina has performed an admirable service by exposing the real character of the Russian Revolution. He puts it in the context of the French Revolution which was instigated by the same forces. In both cases, the "revolutionaries" had no interest in the welfare of the people."

This is true but few will realize or admit that the American revolution was also a masonic revolution. Engineered by those with the money, as always, it is another experiment in how to handle the masses. By now we should all have read somewhere at least one of the many remarks to the effect that a people who think they are free while in reality they are slaves (wage slaves first, then political slaves of the nanny state, for Americans) are much easier to control and manipulate than those who are aware they live in a prison. It is so obvious in the U.S. that real observance fairly shouts out the truth of it.

Mass ignorance is the plantation owners' most effective tool for creating satisfied slaves. American schools have, for generations now, been cesspools of planned ignorance, efficiently taught by "teachers" without a clue. A high school graduate is proof that he/she has been successfully dumbed down to the desired common denominator, ready for college brain washing.

James 32 said (May 18, 2009):

I just read your article titled NWO: Front for Cabalist Jewish Tyranny.

It's a pretty easy conspiracy to spot. All you have to do is go back 150 years and look at the fraternal affiliations of the leaders of any
revolution that promoted a constitutional republic, and you'll see a bunch of Freemasons.
We wrote the Constitution of the United States. It's a Masonic document, and is completely consistent with our world view. The only person/enemy of the period who understood some of what we were up to was Pope Leo X111 who wrote, Humanum Genus. He, of course, believed we were Satanic for promoting things like, "namely, that the teaching office and authority of the Church may become of no account in the civil State; and
for this same reason they declare to the people and contend that Church and State ought to be altogether disunited. By this means they reject
from the laws and from the commonwealth the wholesome influence of the Catholic religion; and they consequently imagine that States ought to be
constituted without any regard for the laws and precepts of the Church.

We plead, Guilty as charged.

He also wrote that we, "Then come their doctrines of politics, in which the naturalists lay down that all men have the same right, and are in
every respect of equal and like condition; that each one is naturally free; that no one has the right to command another; that it is an act of
violence to require men to obey any authority other than that which is obtained from themselves. According to this, therefore, all things belong to the free people; power is held by the command or permission of the people, so that, when the popular will changes, rulers may lawfully be deposed and the source of all rights and civil duties is either in the multitude or in the governing authority when this is constituted
according to the latest doctrines. It is held also that the State should be without God; that in the various forms of religion there is no reason why one should have precedence of another; and that they are all to occupy the same place."

We plead, Guilty as charged. In fact, we wrote all that into the U.S. Constitution.

So, yes, we conspired to create constitutional republics so that people could endeavor for, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

However, to accuse us of promoting communism and one world government is absurd. Even Albert Pike, that writer who all evangelicals like to
disparage, wrote against communism. He specifically wrote against any kind of Utopian government. Or perhaps you should read our Illustrious Brother Jesse Helms (he was 33rd degree AASR), speech to the U.N. Maybe you'll get the idea.

We don't believe you can make a perfect machine with imperfect parts, and people are imperfect. So, we would never be so absurd to promote
communism or any other type of state dominated style of government, much less a one world government.


Here's the scary part. We're losing.
Our republics are being turned into authoritarian regimes by sinister forces with mountains of money. These forces are so diabolical and
atheistic as to make us wonder if we shouldn't have let the Roman Church and Leo XIII have his way.

By creating our republics we have been, in a way, guilty of creating the structures whereby those diabolical forces could pursue their atheistic
and totalitarian agenda.

We still feel we were right to create republics, but a prerequisite for the success of those republics was an educated and moral populace.
Morality is being radically eroded by those diabolical forces, and I haven't seen a person in years other than Freemasons who can name for me
the Seven Liberal Arts, and explain why they're important for individual liberty. (Since I know you don't know either, Geometry, Arithmetic,
Astronomy, Music, Dialectic, Grammar, and Rhetoric. They're the sciences of analysis, and anyone who masters them is almost impossible
to enslave with lies and propaganda.)

Anyway, so, I wish you would take our name off your list of freedom haters. We have always been the vanguard of freedoms lovers.

Don said (May 18, 2009):

Just read your piece about the front for Cabalist Jewish Tyranny.

You may already know of Omni Christian Book Club but in case your don't here is the link. The owner Phil Serpico has been plugging away for years in this and many other areas. Any of the books he has written by Fr Denis Fahey are good value, "The Rulers of Russia" is in the same area as the book you are recommending. Fr Fahey died in 1956. Phil also sells the Protocols on the Elders of Zion, the Talmud Unmasked and hundreds of other enlightening books.

Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at
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