Signalling Music
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Much of the intelligent signal connecting him to you is conveyed via snatches of music He can repeatedly boost your mood chemistry by signalling joy with a music clip like this
When something goes wrong for you he signals his mournful sympathy something like this- Its just not fair !
Its similar to having  theme music in your life like a movie character
You are the 'Star' in his eyes. Every step you take. Every word you speak.

Your internal chemistry can be stretched even further like this- that ever so sinking feeling

The music has a clarity and effect you will feel as he enriches your emotional life. Driving your natural opiates and endorphins directly so his influence is more than just background music. Neurogenesis anyone? (new brain cells)  see Elizabeth Gould. Fancy some new brain cells? Reprogramming for  greater life quality? 
(for hard science backup see Seed Magazine -The Reinvention of the Self)
Occasionally he is likely to introduce some outside music to signal his revolutionary joy. His revolution takes place in your internal awareness like this
Effervescent joy can land like this. His delight at being in your awareness again.
And he doesn't like to be ignored so if your attention is hard to acquire you might just hear this
If your favorite  entertainers are like  the Beatles, Abba or Elvis,  song lyrics covering many aspects of life reside in your memory. Clips of your favourite songs will be used to communicate with you in the form of a very pleasant musical commentary from him. Accompanying the music will be video images in your minds eye. of the singer(s).Only you will hear these musical fragments thus many of the romantic dialogues you will detect he is expressing toward you,. the object of his adoration.
A serenade to You The Star.  He hangs on evey word you speak. So the communication is just you and him in a very private way. You are alone with him. In such intimacy wonderful things can happen.
And there will sometimes be just unabashed admiration. Get used to it. I'ts a life sentence.
So where can you run to? Resistance is futile.

So far its all about You and Him. Wunderbar. But what about everyone else?

Little song to convey that to you, Godling
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Tour summary and what to do next

Tour summary and what to do next