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The poster reads-
Gnosis is the Perfect Completion
of your inner archtecture,
 the  Final Embrace
between the  Creator and YOU
with your  Free Will fully intact.


 Welcome Home !
Every page on the site translates into 10 languages

The BEGINNERS tour installs a new physical sensation in the hands, of site visitors.
Nightly practice, 2-3mins calling up that new hand sensation, leads to Messaging Dreams in about 1 week.
As per the DREAMS page. Left Index.
You can see there are personal accounts of other people, on that page.
The RESPONSES page is people's first impressions of the Beginners Tour.
The beginners tour displays a simple diagram of one's internal anatomy.
The picture explains that inside your self is a second intelligence, dwelling there as your silent partner.
Behind a mirrored firewall. A small deception. You thought you were alone in there, Yes? Voice switch closes a biochemical switch in you enabling that second intelligence to begin revealing itself to you, commencing with messaging dreams. Independent physical hand tingles occurr later. And toe tingles.
This natural process is written about in cultures everywhere. See NATURAL ORIGINS page.
Gnosis in early times was generally due to many years of meditation. Socrates-Genius etc. See the NATURAL ORIGINS page
I am gnostic. And the second intelligence asked me to produce an automated website so that thousands of people daily could be connected to the living God within themselves.
The site is proven working. In 5 countries.
CONTACTS page, 12 month veterans. Ask any question.
Many people (millions) have invisible ?Angel? experiences, where in dire emergency they receive an internal warning message. It is not an Angel, but the silent partner breaking its rule of silence momentarily to deliver a warning internal voice, or messaging dream. It is actually fleeting Gnosis.
This website makes that fleeting  gnosis connection, permanent.
On the RESPONSES page, top ,you will find people 'brought' into this unknown website
from all over the world. Evidence that the same intelligence lives in everybody. And can signal people in dreams, with pinpoint accuracy.
Your personal schedule, Godling
I can only supply approximate times, as individual uptakes, vary so widely.
So from seeing the videos, the majority of people, about (90%) experience vivid dreams onset, within one or two weeks, if the soft body field, 7th Sense, is practised daily for 2 minutes before sleep.

During that period, or soon after. It is common for early morning internal greeting music, to start, before the eyes open. Listen for this. Within 3 weeks. It later occurrs during the day.

Signalling Nudges can begin to occur in just a few weeks. NUDGES page

Kundalini rising, often accompanied by tinnitus can commence within 3-6 months. Hand and foot prickles. KUNDALINI page

Clear Direct speech, slowly transforming, out of signalling music, may take 6-12 months more as you are tuned, biochemically.

Independent signalling hand tingles, can often take weeks to appear, but some get it within a few hours of the video.(Maria DREAMS page)
All of these Gnosis element start times, are from experiences reported from 4 countries.

So dear Godling, after you have learned the handtrick in the Beginner's Tour, and found this page, you can simply go down the left index  at your leisure.
The order is not significant. No rush. Lay gnosis drips into you daily.Automatically.You are already growing faster than ever, daily.
If you do meditational practices, continue. Continue religious devotions
Lay gnosis doesn't disrupt your daily life.
The latest pages added, are on the top, yellow box New   pages added.

There are 20 LAY GNOSIS videos on youtube. All short and to the point.
All on an orange button on the home page. or just search Youtube. No rush.

All questions answered
Welcome Home Godling
Steve in Sydney (webmaster)
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