Sweet dreams are made of this.
He walks with you in dreams.

Dreams are an important adjunct in his communications to you.

·   Vivid dreams with compelling themes.

·   One compelling theme is when an heroic  figure from your memory embraces you and  emotes great affection. Loves you so.

·   That is him disguised as something to maximise the moment for you.  This dream is a signal of his intentions toward you.

·   Another is that of an aeroplane taking off with wheels folding up and speeding off into the blue sky.
That's your new life with him.
Another is that a movie is being made and YOU are the Star.
He hangs on every word you speak, you see.
Things only get better after that.

·   You will soon discover that you can ask a question and the answer  will come in a dream.

·   Ask a question a day for a dream a night.

·   Curiosity has great value as every question leads you closer to  him.

·   That value of curiosity cannot be overstated. 

·   You can ask for symbolic dreams, literal dreams or even coded answers. Keep a dream diary. Some dreams   will never repeat.

·   Dreams to prove you are not going crazy.

·   You can ask for your partner or family member  to be given a dream. If you are both switched on it is highly likely to  happen. Don’t tell them in advance.
 Keep a dream diary beside the bed

         So far we have talked about Night dreams which occurr minutes before wakeup.
In daydreams you can have a word spelled very clearly into your head. An unknown word. Meaningless. Turns out to be a foreign word. But even with literal translation you're still none the wiser.
So you must ponder this. Look into the background of the word and you will find the ANSWER to one of your old Questions.

          Time of dreams  onset varies from person to person. Some people have a flood of daydreams while at the site or on Youtube. Example Robert on the Responses page
Some others have vivid dreams the following morning as they wake. 80% experience this whole new genre of compelling dreams within 2 weeks if the  soft body field-hand trick is done  nightly. Massage the soft body field and flutter the eyelids of your sleeping partner ! This  is likely accompanied by greeting music on waking. And during the day.
A few people take 6 months before they dream or hear music but they get communication via lots of 'nudges' instead. 

          You don't need a dream dictionary for this new genre of  vivid Dreams.
And most impressive is that lifelong non-dreamers often report the same sudden onset of vivid dreams.

          'Beautiful dreamer awake unto me'
Takes on a whole new meaning.

            Welcome to Layman's Gnosis 

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Marie US East Coast

It happened!!! First I wanted my husband to dream about birds and the next night he had a dream that he had a tatoo of a bird. So I tried it again last night. Before I went to bed I did the hand tricks and I focused on sending him a dream. I wanted him to dream about a peacock and I wanted it to stand out. So this morning when my husband woke up he said to me that he had a weird dream. He had a dream about a peacock. Then he said it really stood out because it was huge and it was standing in front of him with it's wings spread out and it was protecting him!
Talk to you soon,
Peace and Love,

Steve to Josh- predictive email on aeroplane dreams -

Advice--Another image that may be used to convey that you are advancing to a higher state of consciousness- awareness etc is the underbelly image of an aircraft just taking off as the wheels fold up into the plane
Symbolises advancement- attunement

i cant believe you wrote about an airplane
a couple of nights ago i actually had a dream, and in that dream was an airplane hovering in midair, folding up its landing gear, and then it flew off at a super accelerated rate.

JOSH Writes
it is just amazing to me that you spoke of this, with no prior knowledge of my dream, that to me is the slap in the face i have been waiting for.

wow as soon as i read that, i had such an incomprehesable feeling that overwhelmed me.

JOSH  (1 week later)
i still am dumbfounded by the remarks of the airplane that you spoke
, because when i had the dream it started with me running from zombies, and then i saw the planes, but just one really drew my attention.
after i saw that plane my whole dream changed , and i was apart of some group of purple glowing balls of energy that enveloped me and took me for a ride.

Note Josh endured frightening horrific dreams dominated by fear all of his life.The LAY GNOSIS videos and daily handtrick practice , in just a few days replaced them with  a whole new genre of telling inspiring novel dreams  all clearly originated from another intelligence.


Josh  on dreams

 i even have had dreams in which
i was part of a movie, and i was the star character. the dream ended with me seeing an "ufo" and me saying to the people next to me "look at the ufo, i believe in that sort of thing you know" and then it was over.
(heroic figure)  i didnt realize that i did actually have someone i looked up to, until one of my other dreams pointed it out.
i was having a discussion with one of my old friends whom i havnt seen in a long time. and we discussed where my life was going.
that was one of the things i asked my self a few days ago before i went to sleep.
i didnt get a definate answer, but i had some good suggestions.

i can not express my full gratitude towards you for showing me the "other side", and awakening me from my own paralysis.
i will only try to show others what you have shown me.

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ShkrMebarak has sent you a message:

Re: Lay Gnosis here! Howdy !
Thank you for the chatline invite! Yes, I do get independent  hand tingles. I need to practice the exercise more often though. I have also had dreams where I have asked the creator to prove he is communicating with me. In one dream he told me he was going to put me on the road to happiness. About a week later my life changed dramatically.

Thank you so much Steve!

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  From Trevor
 Hi Steve,

2 nights ago just before I woke up I had a dream that I was standing at a ticket booth with some friends, everyone in good spirits . Soon after I enter a theatre full of people that I know, all of them smiling and happy, waiting to start the show. The lights dim... and I wake up!
Waking up to life's movie as I interpret it.. I wrote it down almost immediately because it made such an impact.

Last night I had another dream, this time of a beautiful girl kissing me under a full moon. Very tender and romantic :)
Woke up wanting more, hahaha

Lately I've been nudged into reading, with the phrase "The Sun Also Rises" literally appearing in my head out of the aether. Turns out my dad had a copy on his bookshelf and I've been reading that lately to my enjoyment.

Thats all to report!

Love Trev