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Lay Gnosis

May I just say that you're my hero!

I have been through some difficult times in my life. During my early years, my brother and I were attacked by demons. We both have a physical disability. And because of this we were placed in foster care. My brother and I became very attached to our first foster parents. Unfortunately, our first foster dad died 10 years ago. Is it possible that my foster dad is my guardian angel? I feel like he is always here. Sometimes he is in my dreams telling me how I can be happier. I also feel like he led me to you. Is this possible?

Thank you so much!

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The second intelligence will speak to you internally using the most favourable image to maximise the sweetness of the communication. Already started in your case.
You were both semi gnostics which is how you were likely susceptible to demons.
Other have reported this here.
Its OK now. Its legitimate. It's real. It's natural.
I have done a whole page on Guardian Angels and a video.
50 percent of people report Guardian Angel experiences meaning they have experienced fleeting gnosis.
LG makes it permanent and adds two types of physical signalling tingles and prickles.
The prickles come during and post kundalini rise.
The physical signals vanquish any doubts you might have. Literally concreting God into your daily internal life.
And yes many people have said they were actually brought to my site. Two of note were Missy (her own page) and Josey an Angels lady in London. How they were brought to the site is beautiful. She has a page also.
Wonderful meeting you. Welcome Home Godling
Email link on the website.
Highest Regards Steve in Sydney.