Angels talk to millions, occasionally.
Lay Gnosis makes them permanent

And this is Josie

0110  I got this code today, it flashed at me several times, the 1st of October..
Cutting a long story short, I asked what it meant, went to sleep, had a few dreams, woke up, and was led to you.
love and light~
Angel of the Stars aka Josie xox
OHH my goodness,
I am so glad I found you!  I felt alone.. I don't know what to write..
I'm in AWE...
Thank you;
love and light~
Josie xox
Just a day after this Angels video was uploaded to Youtube Josie was summoned in  a dream to go to an unknown website and make contact.This site. From London.
And notice Josie does not know why she is summoned
Just the day before, I had written a friend about the need to contact the angels network on the web to spread Lay Gnosis to religious people. Not easy. It's  a case of my need resulting in the manifestation of the solution.Watch for this in your life, Godlings.
The solution is brought in from 12,000miles away, to support the project..The same intelligence in every person can do this.
Why can't the Source use the internet too?
She is worth the download wait