Unnatural clouds so common these days
Jet vapour trails should naturally vanish in 20 mins.  They should also follow the same pathways say leaving airports for example.  For fuel efficiency and traffic requirement planes fly in clearly defined lanes without deviation. Yet Angel in Florida just casually looking up sees the most bizarre jet trail behaviour,  systematic  grids  and extraordinarily wide jet trails that hang for hours. Governments have admitted to doing this. The particles are often aluminium, barium and even human red blood cells and natural toxins. This is connected to Morgellons disease . Worth a search. Reflecting heat back into space with aluminium while slowly wasting people below with crippling autoimmune diseases seems to be the aim of the necropillic NWO.
Angel has produced some impressive videos of very unnatural vapour trails clearly man made.
And while we are on weaponising weather check this video from an  online weather watcher. Note the unnatural shape of precipitation patterns due to HAARP he says.
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