Those Criss Cross Contrails........

First brought to our attention by Angel in Florida were these odd contrails that hung in the air for unnaturally long periods over her whole suburb.
 Prompted by that report Trevor in BC discovered this documentary detailing the history of contrails suddenly starting in the 90s and when a lone website, began documenting the suddenly changing sky hundreds of  Big Name defence contractors and US airbases began logging into the site " investigating."  Clearly its not a crank site. Vast sums of money are being earned spraying our skies with aluminium barium and some known poisons.
It was suggested by the father of the hydrogen bomb Dr Edmund Teller 1998, that global warming could be diminished by spraying the upper atmosphere with reflective particles. So the story goes. The Malthusian Illuminati have a long history of always grasping for a necrophillic (killing) solution to the "population problem" decided to add disease causing poisons to the sprays. The ideal disease is a chronic one, never cured, just "treated", that kills slowly over a long period so that populations pay drug companies their life's earning before they die. What's wrong with making a profit out of sprayed diseases as they slowly kill millions because the Malthusian idiots are "saving the earth" Right? As always. Bilderbergers have a target world population of only 500 Million. India and China just have to go.  Africa is already taken care of with AIDS. And suddenly reported now is a growing phenomenon of animal group die offs worldwide. What could be causing this?
So far the animal die offs are all being discredited debunked just like UFOs were by project Blue Book. CIA Airforce funding. Black budget Blah Blah
And debunking we are very familiar with from James Randi's Skeptic group connected to pedophilia False Memory Syndrome Foundation CIA funded Black budget blah blah and its army of useful idiots on the NET  with their materialist Marxist crusade to suit rich corporations .
The same debunking (ardent public denialism) is  now being carried out on contrails as exposed in this documentary by a government department that sinply repeats the same debunking phrase year after.  But the German Government has admitted to it.  How odd.
So here is an excellent commentary on what Angel videoed in Florida

Angels Chemtrails over Florida
Google videoCarnicom Chemtrail Documentary