Life Rules just changed

A second intelligence has always dwelt  within your internal awareness. Previously a silent partner

Now it wants dialogue with you again.

It holds you in very high regard.

In  conversation greater intimacy can be achieved when the other person  remains unseen. Such as over the phone. A feature is the mind’s eye creates a picture of the other person’s appearance which one finds favourable. Though it is inevitably quite wrong. If in conversation the person mentions a visible  or thought provoking feature the  mind morphs the image to match. Instantly.  (Just spilled  blue paint  on my  T shirt) As you read this, you picture  that, don't you !

The second intelligence, the  former silent partner, has its own input to this familiar internal process to communicate imagery to you.

Yes, your minds eye has a second input  port , virtually unused previously.  ( AV 2) like a TV.

Now to be used by the creator frequently.

Thus it can converse with you as a talking face from your memory, in a puppet-like way, mostly using an identity you admire and are most at ease with to maximise the experience for you. You can ask for  a different talking head anytime

Nat King Cole.
John Mills.
Your favourite newsreader.
Anybody. No identity is out of bounds. No copyright is safe.

It will happen before you finish the question.

That’s how close he is to you. Part of you. You part of him.

And the Handle Tingles into your Physicality are a bonus gift from the Creator  within to enliven  your understanding with ongoing repeating evidence. It's forever. Welcome Home.

Destined to be  ultimately congruent, you two.