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Sleepwalker Atali has already decided your future and it's not pretty. In fact its monstrous and inhuman.  Like all diehard  NWO communists desperate to control everything--still  perceiving  people as mere  animals to be farmed and coralled and bred to number targets.

 Not a glint of kindness or affection or trying to improve life generally.  In fact he states a committment  to eliminating all connections between people. Total destruction of the nuclear family and complete orphanhood for everyone born.  (necrophilic personality)
So what does this say about the Illuminati?
This is their prayed for  "Golden Age"

  In a speech he says the Judaic "master race" should be 200 million and maybe a billion others as slaves and cattle. So a lot of people have to get off the planet. Their exit a service to be rendered by the self chosen Illuminati, no doubt. Those Bilderbergers building such a heaven on earth for themselves....... what vision ! So you can see where Nazi ism came from ---Judaism  ! The two are in bed together.  Inseparable. And the Vatican is in the same bed.

This critical snapshot of Kissinger may be quite an eye opener for you.  It reveals he is jewish, that's fine. That's OK. Further revealed is that he has been a double agent, dual  or triple identity / loyalty all of his adult life.  So what does he stand for?  In a recently released tape recording from his Nixon  years he is heard saying to another country's government that it would be just fine if that country just happened to exterminate a few million more jews ! Rather than assisting them to  migrate from Russia to Israel as Golda Meir was requesting.. Quite convenient in fact would another holocaust be. Apalled you are of course. But it underlines a confusing frightening established trend. That the religion of  Judaism produces its own worst enemies.  some  necrophilic personalities A previous case of this  same attitude was Adolf Eichmann a german Jewish officer found responsible for the death of 8000 jewish prisoners in WWII. He was kidnapped by Israeli commandos in the early sixties  found guilty. Though he was jewish himself he had no regrets and insisted that what he did was best for jewish people over all. He reaffirmed this point all the way to the gallows.

 If you are flabbergasted  you should be. What gives you say? How can this be? What insanity ! That high profile Kissinger would happily agree with criminal Eichman suggests this mindset could be widespread, barely concealed amongst  Illuminati "intellectuals" Coldly sacrificing their own kind  seems useful for political gains for these utterly psychopathic individuals, who seem to value only one thing, political control of others. And that's mentioned in the EU video Who do you think you are?

Do your own research on this.  Start here with Kissinger.

Judaism producing its own worst enemies might give you  a clue as to why in  Hitler's Germany only two newspapers existed. A state owned German one of course and  of all things  a Zionist newspaper that desperately campaigned to have  European Judaic people shipped off to Palestine to be ruled over by power hungry Kissinger types. So in seeming jew hating Germany a  large Zionist newspaper flourished with German government approval !
 How odd you say ! Some prominent members of the Nazi Party were jewish. The German  Navy had jewish ship captains (big battle ships) and many thousands of jewish germans served in the german army.  Confusing eh !

The root cause of all this seems to be the judaic religious insistence on dual identity. That their own host nation is an unclean enemy to be lied to at all times,  because they are the master race, according to the Talmud. Integration was strictly forbidden for centuries. Judaic people were not allowed to even speak their host nation's language. Forbidden by Talmudic priests who could hand out death sentences. Control freakery.
And here to further emphasise this bizarre contradiction that causes Judaism to produce its own worst enemies, a couple of things to ponder.

Adolph Hitler had personal jewish friends that he protected. Ironically he never knew he was totally financed by the  jewish Warburgs in 1928. 25 million Deutch Marks  to take over Germany and pursue a militarist foreign policy  were supplied anonymously in a restaurant  by the WARBURG financiers, closest allies of the Rothschilds. One Warburg brother was head of German intelligence.

And to top it off  below right here is a link to flip your lid. About Hitler's relatives.
And dont forget the Kissinger expose here.

Hitlers family genes
This unpleasant subject material is only put here to explain the UK parliaments reports on the 1942 German Industrialists plan to seize control of Europe via the EU  Their plan B.  
Bitter reminder of the Euro power grab
And here's  the Pope campaigning to legitamise pedophilia another  little Illuminati foible.
Pope campagning for pedophiles