European Economic conquest planned 1942  by German Industrialists- Countries economically and politically demolished by the insidious EU juggernaut

We note the speakers  final choice of words "All we have left is nationalism and violence" 
Is he alluding to National Socialism? The problem of the EU is that Europeans have to take orders from unelected people, often German by sheer chance. For example UK people are fined  hundreds of dollars for leaving their  wheely bins out too long or putting them out early.The  rules come from German Eurocrats.

Then of course there is Codex Alimentarius via the EU which is now law and adopted in the US. Outlawing vitamins and natural medicines globally. No surprise the industrialists behind it are BAYER  formerly known as IG Farben famous for their ZYKLON B. US intelligence has  made an appearance at the  Codex hearings.
The idea of making natural medicines and vitamins illegal is to remove competition from BAYER drugs and boost German Industrialists profits.
US parliament has legislation attempting to ban organic farming.  Nazis everywhere.

'Germany will bail out every Euro country before collapsing'