THE VOICE SWITCH is likely to induce in the listener a new sensation in the palms. A subtle tingling, warming, rippling or even cooling that commences while hearing the voice switch or some time after. It is called the Seventh Sense.
It is not a one -off event. The Seventh Sense activation is permanent and can be returned to the palms of the listener anytime by a simple call up procedure.

Thus the listener  controls the new Seventh  Sense. Owns it.

The call up procedure when done with me One-on-One with  the Video onscreen  following the Voice Switch activation  demonstrates your new   Seventh Sense  in the palms.  At the listener's command.
Also in the screen demo is the discovery of one's own body field.
Discovery 2 is that the listener with the new Seventh Sense can also feel the body field of others. Anyone.
And the effect of doing that with a stranger closes that other persons Seventh Sense activation switch. Commencing their journey toward  messaging dreams, snatches of internal music and independent hand tingles.
It is recommended the new Seventh Sense be practiced every night solo to speed the onset of messaging dreams. The more people you can activate as per video (handtrick)  the faster you grow (blossom) internally.
Now,  doing this body-field-hand-trick with a stranger.
Within 1 minute the other person is aware of new sensations in their body. Starts in their palm typically. A tingling or warming or cooling is felt as the sensation moves up and down the other person’s arm.
The other person can then re-experience the new sensation by holding their palms out facing in front some 6 inches apart. After a twenty or thirty second wait the person will feel the new sensory experience returning. Just wait a bit and it grows stronger in the new person!

It is a permanent installation in the other person.

The other person can then do this anywhere. Anytime. It is advised they practice playing with this new effect say 2 mins nightly before sleeping.
Play with the effect between the palms. Changing the distance between the palms results in the tingling wobbulating- it registers the movement in the palm. Also there is slight resistance to the hand movement as if the hands are in bath water.
You can also feel your own body field and that of others. Awake or asleep.  And close their Gnostic switch.
The new user is not completely in charge of the new sensation effect.
Sometimes one hand might just begin tingling for no apparent reason.
But it’s not random.
The second intelligence that has dwelled concealed within you for so long establishes slight contact with you and is now able to modulate this tingling in one of your hands.
Thus soon after the hand trick is performed on you the creator begins seeping into your awareness by "tingling" you to get your attention.
Dialogue goes like this.
You pose a question internally that can be answered in the affirmative. Via a tingle. You keep rephrasing the question, altering the question until you get the affirmative tingle in your hand. Affirmative is always in the same hand.
That’s how you begin simple dialogue with the creator. Like Canasta. The creator living within you as a second intelligence now establishes physical contact with your hand.
Could it be any simpler?
This ‘tingle signalling’ can also be mixed, with night dreams, daydreams ( intrusive thoughts) and  daytime snatches of music as well as imagery in the minds eye.
This handtrick is reproducible by any godling. 

"Silently the senses abandon their defences helpless to resist........"

Post Voice Switch-
Tingle Communications
Video of this process