Video. Installing Layman's Gnosis in others.

Existence of a God ?
Part 3.
Seventh Sense can be installed easily in anyone in two minutes.
That also triggers the first contact. process.
That is your job, God-ling.
Install it in others.

Your Seventh sense
How to effect permanent changes in anyone else.

OK. Here we are, with a volunteer.
And we have just told the volunteer, that this is a cute party amusement.
So what we do is, we put our hands, around the outstretched hand of the other person. About 100 millimetres, out from each side.
And we just simply wait.
Normally 20 or 30 or 40 seconds and the hand of the volunteer, is already twitching. That is a sign, the nervous system, is waking up.
And I, can feel a rising tingling sensation my own hand.
And the volunteer will probably report, in the next few seconds, some kind of strange feeling, an unsual feeling, a new feeling.
Can you feel it yet ?
Yes, says the volunteer.
So she feel it? Good !
And is it in the palm of your hand?
Now, if we wait, a bit longer, the feeling, in the palm of the hand, the new sensation in the hand, will get a bit stronger.
It will peak, probably in 40 seconds, 50 seconds. It is getting stronger now.
I can feel it getting stronger.
And what I can do, is, I can move this sensation, from the hand of the volunteer, and I can literally massage it, out of the hand, over the wrist joint, into the forearm.
What is happening now, is I have moved the tingling, from the hand of the volunteer, into the forearm area.
An amazing thing I can do now, is, that I can pat the soft body field, of the volunteer. Like this. Pat.Pat Pat.
And I can feel these pats in my receiving hand.

And the volunteer, can feel the pulses, going through her own, body field.
And the body field, feels like the resistance of bath water.
And I can also massage the sensation, back into the hand, of the volunteer.
Well, now, that you have amazed the volunteer, at the party,
we just do the other hand, the same way.

Same thing again. We just wait. Because we are already warmed up, it may happen quicker.
There it is. Fingers tremble. Bit of a shake. Usual thing.
And the sensation is rising, in the hand of the volunteer.
She is acknowledging that.
I now repeat the method, moving the sensation out of the hand, over the wrist joint, into the forearm .
And all this time, I can feel the soft body field, of the volunteer.
There is resistance like bath water. It is very plain, and evident.
And I can pat her body field, in this arm also, just like this, the other hand receives while this one pats.
And the funny thing is I can pat the volunteer anywhere, and she can feel it.
Chest, shoulder, top of the head, face, soles of the feet, and this hand still receives the pulses. And the volunteer feels all of the pats.

And now we stun the volunteer, even further,.
We ask the volunteer to put both hands out in front, and do it all by themselves.
So, she is going to put her hands out now, and just wait 25 to 30 seconds, for the effect, to return to both hands.
It is working now, and she will tell us, that the hand tingling is both hands.
So now, what I am going to do, is put my own hand in between her outstretched palms.
And what is going to happen is, waiting a few seconds, and she can now feel my body field.
And now I can feel the tingling, rising in MY hand, again. And she can now massage the tingling out of my palm into my forearm.
That is it, moving both hands now, massage it along the forearm.
And now you can pat MY bodyfield, can't you !
There it goes right through, to your other, receiving hand.
So in just 3 minutes, this volunteer is transformed, into a person, with another sense !

What a wonderful volunteer !

Title: Usages.

And to give you an example how he can signal you before he has actually said much at all, to you, via video in the mind's eye, or bits of music. It depends where you are on your personal growth curve. When you are ready for this, this sort of thing is going to happen.
You have a subject. You are interested in it. You might be nudged into a bookshop. And you are looking around. It is a subject you thought about for years, but you don't know how to do it. You want to know. You need to know. What is it? How are you going there? You do not know. You have probably given up.
You pick up the red book, and nothing happens.
Put it down.
Pick up the blue book and still nothing happens??..
Then you pick up the smelly old, green book, and your hand lights up !
That is the book you are supposed to look at !
Now, you can dishonestly stand, and read it on the spot, or you can buy it and take it home.
Like a ?good? person should.
But you will find, by reading the book, skimming through it, whatever you do.
But you will find on page 32, perhaps paragraph 3, one of your hands is going to light up !
That is the paragraph that you need to know.
So he has led you there, with a bit of a nudge , into a shop, He has made you look around, You are not sure why you are there, in this shop, you have never seen before.
But that is how he signals you. You actually converge on something that is vital to your happiness and wellbeing.
It could be the answer to a question you have always wondered about.
It does not really matter.
It is entirely done for you, and nobody else.
It is you and him, only, on this little adventure.
Do understand this, Godlings.
And, further down the track, as you get the idea of this signalling.
One side of the body or the other side whether tingling, warming, or rippling sensation in the hand. Whatever sensation you have, The new sense that you have.
It will slowly be made plain to you, plainer than it could ever be, any other way. He is across ever thought you have. Like a spectator. So you will think something. ?Oh that is nice ! That is lovely. That was tasty !? Your hand lights ! He is agreeing with you, because he enjoyed your sensation also.
You never had privacy. And now he is going to show you. You have no privacy at all. You never did.
So, he is enjoying your life, with you.
This is a beautiful experience, to realize, that there are actually, two of you, in the same awareness.
You are a baby version of him.
And he is going to slowly prove it to you, over a period of months and years.
And there is no rush. You are all on your personal growth curves. Your own time tracks.
So this Seventh Sense has a wonderful attribute, that you can be signalled by the creator within you. That lives within all of you, in an uncharted organ
So he just sort of, 'pings' your physical awareness, with this new sense.
And you will find this a wonderful trip, because you are going to be guided toward all sorts of things.
And ultimately, all of these communication streams, come together.
So you are going to have, physical signalling, images in your mind's eye,
sound track, skin sensations from your memory, and, well??.
That is quite a change in your life , isn't it ?
For example, you go for a piddle. He knows all about it.You really cannot escape this. And it is the way you are intended to be. He is finally seeping back into your awareness, in a very slow and pleasant way. But the hand trick is a lot of evidence, if you just practice it for one or two minutes per day. Practice on the friends, lovers, workmates, children. Practice on the dog, cat, budgerigar, All these things accumulate, to give you overwhelming evidence, that is going to snowball, into the final crash, of the shell, that you erected around yourself. That you were quite wrong to do all those things.
And now you are being told, with overwhelming evidence, and through many senses, that you have,
And the one in your hand, is the tingle that can be measured, externally, in your skin.
This is all coming to you, over a period of months and years.
And I do not know. I cannot predict what time it will be for individual people.
So this, is where you are all headed, Godlings.
It is a beautiful, glorious future.
Lots of benefits for people who are severely marginalized.
I really cannot emphasise this, sufficiently.
The potential is enormous.
I think that is enough, for now, on the benefits of this simple handtrick
I will leave you for now.
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