An SBS 30 minute TV show documented a university project, where a laptop computer was turned into a virtual "lie detector" or "response detector" with the addition of physiological measuring inputs, and suitable software. A further refinement was added. A psychological test to evaluate personality, specifically looking for psychopaths. The computer was able to accurately report and describe a psychopathic personality in minutes.
Psychopaths- sociopaths are people who do not have the complete set of so called normal personality attributes. Conspicuously missing from psychopaths is empathy, remorse, altruism, in fact they are totally selfish. No respect for the truth whatsoever. In fact they  can be consummate liars. Convincing actors, walking, ethic-free zones.
Which can lead to some horrifying destructive outcomes.

So the Australian University group, with its new psychopath detector laptop computer,  began randomly testing people, and discovered the greatest concentration of psychopaths was management and boardrooms, of corporations.
This is the source of many of our politicians. Do you see the problem? Since our very beginning.

The show concluded with a psychologist reading out typical Management advertisements, from the Sydney Morning Herald like this--
"CEO , will do what it takes……."
Clearly this is code for psychopath, explains the psychologist.
"We are promoting exactly the wrong kind of people, for leadership".

You might think about this and recall how much psychopathic behaviour you have seen in  workplaces, schools, chatlines- bullying, torturing,  wholesale lying, stalking, threatening etc A theme to the psychopath personality can be control of others.

Now here is the same perception arrived at a different way, but with a wider and thought provoking perspective….. Twilight of the psychopaths

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