Government think tank  psychopaths worship war
here under in the  Iron Mountain report. 1963. With a foreword from a Rockefeller, of course.The utter devotion to war, can become a thing of the past, via  Lay Gnosis and the spread of knowledge on the NET, and application of modern knowledge, and technology
Realise these psychopaths scientifically believe they are just 'intelligent animals', and a herd  of other intelligent animals, should be regularly sacrificed, to keep the economy going.This is their best shot ! --LAY GNOSTICS gradually come to know otherwise.
In their capital, the Aztecs were discovered to be ripping the hearts out of people, dozens daily, in grisly public  sacrifices, to 'stop the sky from falling.' Cortes intervened, apparently apalled by the savagery, though his soldiers sometimes killed 5000 Aztecs daily.  
The Iron Mountain  Think Tank and top government officials,  would apparently cheer everyone on in this little vignette for advancing civilisation. Medals for all ?   
The Functions of War 33 - scroll down
Iron Mountain Intro- a Rockefeller speaks
A faulty assumption of the Iron mountain psychopaths- that there will always be psychopaths rising to the top of the heap to provoke war whenever they please. 'to advance civilisation' What if they are prevented from rising to prominent positions ? We now have ways and means. Another faulty assumption  by a Rothschild  in 1773 is that mankind is  incorrigibly  and essentially evil- but the majority is not- its only the psychopaths who rise to the top who parade this banner
Iron Mountain Report on the need for war
Iron Mountain report psychopathic Government