Communications with your internal companion.
Call him Dad so you don't feel like a mere grain of sand.
Grandiose titles are definitely out.

  You will most likely notice on waking even before your eyes open that among your   normal thoughts for that time is a musical greeting such as “ And I love you so

It may repeat a few times then and appear later in your internal awareness during  the day between activities. It will never intrude on serious activities such as using  power tools  or driving....        

It won’t take a curious or alert person  long to realise their internal awareness is being signalled.

Questions you might  respond with are Who are you? Why are you in my awareness?

You might get some varied and unexpected  answers to maximise your curiosity.
It will become apparent that the literal meaning of  song lyrics and the emotions they convey is a bundled communication. Sometimes the sentiment is all conveyed by the  melody. Words are irrelevant. This is how he emotes to you.

Literal meaning of song snatches is how conversation from him begins .Commonly your favourite music is used. Sweetest for you. Revealing his intention.

You will always know its him.   Clearly a second intelligence within your internal awareness.

Music is The Key to the meeting of the two internal intelligences .

No longer content just to “listen only” across your inner self.

As you become familiar with this form of dialogue he will slowly attune you to be  able to take direct speech from him when no song line is available.

He will also  use famous lines from movies and books –character voices. From your memory.

Add one small thing here . Bells might ring in your internal awareness and nowhere else. Church bells, phone bells

Its another form of signalling he uses. Don’t think you’re going mad if you hear bells internally.

It’s a wake up call. Hullo ! Anybody home?

So much for the audio side of communication with the  Chief.

What about the video?

In your minds eye video from your memory will accompany many of the audio messages.

It will become readily apparent after a period of communication that all your memories are accessible to him. Right back to early times. Memories that you thought were lost.

If no memories are available he will directly modulate your imagination.


Natural Law just changed.
A second intelligence is dwelling within your internal awareness.
It  now wants full dialogue with you.
It loves you very much.

In  conversations greater intimacy can be achieved when the other person  remains unseen. (phone) Long term acquaintances especially A feature is the mind’s eye creates a picture of the other person’s appearance which one finds favourable. (enjoys?) .Though it is inevitably quite wrong. If in conversation the person mentions a visible  or thought provoking feature the  mind morphs the image to match. Instantly.  (Just spilled tomato soup on my new white dress) As you read this, you picture that, don't you !

The second intelligence, the  former silent partner, uses this ability with its own input to that familiar process in you to communicate imagery. A spare port into your minds eye . (AV 2) like a TV. 

It  also converses with you as a talking head from your memory, in a puppet-like way, mostly using a personal identity you love and are most at ease with to maximise the experience for you. An heroic figure.

You can ask for  a different talking head anytime

Muhammad Ali
John Mills.
Your favourite newsreader.

Anybody. No identity is out of bounds. No copyright is safe.
It will happen before you finish the question.

That’s how close he is to you. Part of you.

Sometimes as you grow into this new phase of  your life cycle its early unfamiliarity will cause you self doubt. You will ponder alternatives such as you are possessed by a demon or a loving spirit that just  won’t leave you and doesn't belong within you, an alien implant is about to hatch inside you  or you are schizophrenic and require medication or that you are Mohammad or Jesus and nobody told you. 

You are none of those.

Though you can  all achieve the attunement of Jesus.

           You are simply one of many other Godlings hatching internally into the light of God.. Light being awareness.

           And taking a while to find your feet and to KNOW YOURSELF…...Your complete self.


Maria in PARIS I feelt the tingling in my fingertip by hearing the music an i love u so, at first i thought it was because i wanted to feel it, but afterwards in the day i put on one of my favorites songs(stairway to heaven by zeppelin) and i again felt the tingling when it says' and the forest will echo with laughter' it was like it was made just for me , a gift of some sort.. i hope i understood the concept well.. i felt identified with something..
Please feel free to correct me if necesary. Greetings from Paris


From Julian 
Hi Steve!

Just thought I'd send you an update on what I've been experiencing the past
month. My dreams continue as well as music first thing in the AM. I have
also stated to get flashes of prickles that make me feel warm. Always in my
legs. Does this have anything to do with Him?
(Ans Kundalini rising)

(Now, after months, unexpectedly, as per video)  Last week Trevor and I entered a large bookstore and as soon as we walked through the door, Trevor felt tingles in his hands! Excited I was! I can also now feel a strong force everytime I try the hand trick and I feel rushes of adrenaline pumping through my body. At this very moment I have a tingling in my left foot! ( direct signalling as he types! In time this will happen to YOU Godling)

Talk to ya later!


Direct Tingle Reports
 from Jill
Ha ha, Steve,
My hand got warm when I read this line:
The daily practice with the Hand tingles shows you beyond doubt that you are in charge of this new Seventh sense.  
YOU call it up whenever you want it to work.
I so enjoy your letters. 

-Note written to the same Jill
 -- On Sun, 1/18/09, Becki Baumgartner wrote:
From: Becki Baumgartner
Subject: Re: Truebluehealer website
To: Chatline
Date: Sunday, January 18, 2009, 6:03 PM
It is quite amazing. I think your sending it directly to me was meant to happen! I have been asking for this... (I just didn't realize who I'd been asking until now...)

I've read through almost all of the website. Much of this stuff has been happening already, the "voice" speaking to me, the tones in the ears, and only for the while I've been hearing songs. An example is lately I've been researching 2012 info, and this song keeps happening in my head - the chorus of the song by REM "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Fine)". And I have felt energy in my hands, but thought I was trying for that as I am also stydying alternative medicine. And the phone ringing! That too, I keep thinking I hear my cell phone, and I look and there's no call. Just so much synchronicity! After reading the website, watching the videos, and all of the other materials I've read... the more I sit and think about it, the more I understand... and also wonder why I didn't catch on sooner (or on my own)!!

Thanks also for the invite to the group, this is so exciting!

You just don't know what you've done for me!!



Notice here, Godlings that a Formal Lesson here, is necessary for virtually everyone, to make the  conclusion, to get it together.

Notice also that Jill's tentative message, was likely a nudge, but that is exactly what becki needed and had wished for. This type of event is often reported.
Connections between gnostics are often made by that mysterious third party common intelligence, in each of us.

And another conclusion- People can be Gnostic without even realising it !

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ShkrMebarak has sent you a message:

Re: Lay Gnosis here! Howdy !
Thank you for the invite! (to the chatline)Yes, I do get independent hand tingles. I need to practice the exercise more often though. I have also had dreams where I have asked the creator to prove he is communicating with me. In one dream he told me he was going to put me on the road to happiness. About a week later my life changed dramatically.

Thank you so much Steve!

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