Healing you from the inside free of  charge .
Often done without you even knowing.
Economy of knowledge– a law of nature

You will become accustomed  to him as he seeps into your awareness to make you complete.
This is a gradual process that never really stops.
He will, as time in months and years  goes by attune your body chemistry.
You may notice small changes such as improvements in —

 Digestive efficiency
Improved sleep
Mood elevation
Improved visualisation and imagination
Improved resistance to stress
Greater calmness– diminished anxiety
One of the signs of work in progress is raised tinnitus.

Another is temporarily raised temperature.– feeling of heat

Some gene faults may be corrected if necessary.



Temporary tingling sensations in the left  big toe, the foot, that sometimes progress up the leg  and into the back and neck, including small pain sensations beginning in the left big toe, can be a sign of considerable personal development occurring. This is a rapid rise of attunement, a major turning point in one’s life cycle called Kundalini rising.  Very pleasant. His intervention can speed and smooth this natural process. It may cause sensations of light in the mind.  In the back a sensation of a column of energy rising around the spine is part of this process. Accumulated stresses are being disposed of. Normally this takes many years of meditation and or Yoga. No more.

REF Vibrational Medicine—Richard Gerber MD page 399-414

Some tuning is done without your knowledge.
You just don't need to know.
“The need to know” is a common theme  in many natural systems. Healing is no exception.
Example a baby doesn't need to know its about to be born. It's just born.
No use giving a baby bird in an eggshell flying lessons. Just hatch.
That’s your position too when you just hatch into the Light of God