Greg Braden continues with some surprising connections between ancient history and very modern science and returns to supplementary information on the Beijing bladder cancer healing  
Episode 4

Episode 5/7
Biblical prophecies may be misunderstood
Heaven and Hell revelations by Isaiah may be possibilities to be chosen by us
Isaiah may have been viewing rivers of time - paths roads etc
Isaiah may have viewed not a sequence but an array of possibilities 
Thus prophecies misunderstood
Seer can see consequences of our current choices
And we can trigger the desired outcome
Essenes disbanded after Jesus died
Scrolls hidden in Qumran caves
And widely scattered over the earth
Braden searches for ancient texts
Heights of Tibet monasteries and nunneries
Tibetans are master record keepers
Have pre Christian records
17,500 feet no grass no algae in water
Safe from vandal conquerors
Nun  said we are finishing the Kali Yuga period
Tibetan Prayer process queried re gongs bells incense chanting etc
Abbot responds NO our prayers are invisible
Evoked feelings are our prayers
Records of many spiritual traditions from ancient times
Including remnants from our our own forgotten beginnings
Prayer types
1 Informal (colloquial)
2 propitionary  (mercy begging for)
3 ritualistic
4 meditative prayer
New type inner technology Feeling the feeling of the prayer already answered

Jump to Native American in New Mexico
Rain prayer
Place where skin between worlds is thin
Native stepped out of boots

Episode 6/7
Prayer was finished very quickly
Explanation- prayer for rain doesn't work contains doubt
He felt the feeling of  mud between toes-smell of rain on mudwalled hut -feeling of running naked thru tall corn field
Which quickly became a prayer of thanks and gratitude 
We never create anything.
We never create anything
My thanks for the opportunity to choose which creation I experience

That's an example of a feeling based prayer
Our lost mode of prayer.
Ancient Essenes say external world changes start within us.
War mass suffering etc Essenes invited us to change the way we feel.
Example of co creation- emotional prayer demo -Beijing Visible bladder cancer gone in 3 mins.
3 practitioners of emotional self management
Life threatening lump
Words not magic
reinforces the emotion Cancer vanishes in 3 mins
Victory clapping

EP 7/7
Cancer Healing -Clear example of non physical influence affecting the physical world

This understanding so strange to modern science is still preserved by  indigenous cultures. Hundreds of case histories on the web. 85 nations BUT WHERE?
Isaiah effect

More Braden Connections

Episode 4/7
Emotion Prayer technology allows us to choose  which prophecy we live
You have prophecy for the next day of your life
Next 10 yrs our collective prophecy
Quantum physics  may be defined as
Study of non physical forces whose  movements  move or touch our physical world
Example that FEELING that moved  thru the room
Jerusalem Shrine of the book Museum
Isaiah Scroll only 1 Intact from the Dead sea
Template to explore time
Time is the key to healing
Ancient Zodiac temples
 Luxor Temple of Time
Quantum Physics
Einstein -- Future and Past Coexist
ie Stacked array of possibilities in future
We choose 1 of the many created realities
1957 scientist said  CHOICE POINTS
ISAIAH says the same.
Apocalypse = Disclosure
Isaiah RVs the future sees a ruined earth and simultaneously a life filled abundant joyous earth
Range of possibilities