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 I don't wanna be a party pooper but......Braden seems to be a travelling one man media event which seems praiseworthy. Author many exciting uplifting books melding science with spirit.... my favourite subject..... BUT.... can't find after cursory search any duplication of the Beijing Bladder Cancer Healing. He says 85 nations coordinating over the NET have a program going.... but I can't find it on google. I hope some person comes to my rescue and says " its here silly !" But Isaiah effect on  Google leads only to Braden books and Cds.  "Emotional prayers" don't lead to Braden. I would love to gaze upon  some Beijing style  case histories. It's not happened yet.

Does the Beijing Hospital have a website? I suspect the communist governement would not allow this type of hospital to function. It's seen as idealogically dangerous to a communist government.

Bradens own blog site has no links to any emotion healing network. So where has it gone?

WARNING he mentions Zacharia Sitchin (Total professional lifelong  fraud)  as a confirmatory source in an old 1996 video
In one area I am expert in-- electronics and radio communications  Braden makes glaring  Shumann Resonance fundamental errors meaning he doesn't have a science degree. Same video he claims to be a geologist.
His  only references are footnotes in his books and they can be checked -they- some are online -but one of his claims about DNA arranging  photons contains a rebuttal of Bradens use of the science paper by its author.
Following article describes a technique he has already used on YOU. That touchy feely story about the crippled children. It seems he does that at every lecture. It's a clue.Powerful emotions cause people to believe what ever facts are placed in their heads at the time. Adolf Hitler spoke of this and used it to great effect and 911 had a similar sealing effect on people's recollections of the event.
With the below criticisms Braden comes across as a wannabe dynamic preacher book bestseller who is simply using the science metaphor badly, fraudulently,  rather than religion.

Oh mercy do look here
This might explain why I can't find the worldwide network of healing centres in 85 countries doing this. It seems we have another Zacharia Sitchin here, melding science and pseudoscience. Selling heaps of books and Cds 

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 Review of his London lecture on the God Code

But how does he cover up the lack of scientific or logical justification for his assertion of DNA being a transcript of the Hebrew alphabet? It was simple: he continually played the "I don't have the time to go into all the science" card whilst rushing through a padded out explanation of his theory in 30 minutes. The truth is that one and a half hours was way too long for him to present his theory, let alone 30 minutes (5 minutes on a Post-It note would have sufficed - seriously). So what does he do to fill the time? He shows two "touchy feely" videos which, although great watching (no words, just music to pictures of people of different religions and pictures of people's faces), have little relevance to this sort of lecture except as a time filler and to trigger in his audience sentiments that he feels his theory deserves. Braden wasn't in a rush, he was actually desperate to fill up the time slot! His theory is so weakly supported that, although he was forced to pad it out ad nauseam to fill up time and to make it seem a substantial theory, he was also forced to rush through the little he had.

His actual lecture, outside the videos, is supported by a slick Power Point presentation, and mixes genuine science with pseudoscience in a way in which the authority of the former all too easily rubs off on the latter. This is deceptive to the non-scientific and, I am afraid, intellectually dishonest (if he is indeed a genuine scientist he must realize what he is doing). I had the distinct impression during this lecture that I was in the presence of a preacher, and not a scientist or even a spiritual teacher. "Am I going to fast?" he would continually ask, to which I would mentally reply, "Yes you are Gregg, but if you go any slower the audience will see how contrived and vacuous your theory really is."

So what has happened to Gregg Braden? Why is he now so firmly on the pseudoscience track? His sentiments are admirable: he wants the whole world to be as One and for humanity to forget its differences and live in peace. We all want this. But in his effort to get across this very valid message and goal, Braden tries to justify it with numerology (and even then the "evidence" doesn't quite fit), which he parades as frontier science. In the process of this scientific charade, he not only damages his own former works, but also the credibility of genuine frontier science so excellently reported by authors such as Lynne McTaggart, Rupert Sheldrake and Michael Talbot, who have a genuine understanding of what science is and what it can and cannot justify.

Braden seems confused on this issue, but believing him to be sincere, I can only conclude that he can't really be a scientist. It would be better for him to keep entirely away from science and just speak about prayer, which he is excellent at, as evidenced by his book, The Isaiah Effect. But Braden seems caught up in the role of a scientific New Age prophet, and he is now compelled to dredge up pseudoscience if no real science is there to back up his claims. In The God Code, I feel he has jumped on the "Bible Code" bandwagon, and in the process has morphed from scientist to preacher.



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Update 05 Aug 08: Thanks to Alex Acavalos for pointing out Braden's two scientific bloomers in The God Code book.
On page 46 Braden states that Noah's Arc has been conclusively been discovered on mount Ararat, which is not the case (yet); and on page 16 Braden states that Pioneer 10 is 11 light years away and therefore a signal takes 11 hours to reach it. This is complete scientific nonsense, something any high school science student would know. Steve wasn't the book  even proof read?