Lay Gnosis on Astrology- Possible explanation of some baffling things

,Just a few weeks into Lay Gnosis you will realise that second intelligence is gradually revealing itself to your internal awareness.
The intelligence is able to add images and sounds into your minds eye, via dreams day and night and even signal your physical body with tingles, warming, rippling  to the hands etc.

This might give you a clue as to what a happens inside the head of some people considered gifted, or psychic.

Some are born that way. Some have it just suddenly start, like Edgar Cayce, following  urgent hospital surgery. Mediums, mystics, clairvoyants etc demonstrate additional, knowledge from their internal awareness, that they really shouldn't know..But they do know. The second intelligence can play a role in this. I conveniently call these people semi-gnostics. Just a catchall.

So what baffles many, is the large following, that astrology has, which seems just plain silly, to many, in this modern "scientific" age.Yet so many people say it's helpful and supportive and accurate, against all common sense, and materialistic analysis.
Suggestion- The charts and symbols and birthdates may only be a metaphor, a starting point for a mental ritual  of the more successful astrologers to Remote View human subjects, in groups or even individuals. (Recall RV people began by using Lat Long numbers)
The second intelligence may play a role in this. Because He Cares.
This could explain some of the bullseye accuracy of some astrologers.
 Essentially they are semi-gnostics.

Have heard  stories of people feeling NUDGES into entering astrology, being near bewildered, yet ultimately become proficient and widely known.They can be "chosen". And guided internally..

Yeah Yeah Yeah -But How could positions of heavenly bodies change what a person might do on Friday? 

Here I supply a possible answer, how one heavenly body, has a distinctly noted, unexpected,, unsual effect on very seriously scientific people. 
This example underlines the possibility that our stanchest beliefs that we never question, are not always correct.

 The question raised is:
 Is our feeling of self, the same everywhere?
It seems in this given example that the position of heavenly bodies (earth) changes our self perception........

Food for thought -Who'd a thought it?

Having read that tantalising idea, may I connect it with a very ancient gnostic statement that man is "imprisoned in physical matter on the earth" Causing the illusion of separation from God. 
That aloneness. That void. This is just something for Godlings to ponder.And the  long standing illusion is pierced by Lay Gnosis.

That  ancient sense of aloneness and separation is also reported vanished from the science based thinkers in orbit, 
 in the article.

NOTE 'Imprisonment' can mean not punishment, but like a kernel inside a walnut, protectively guarded until external conditions are optimal for release.....That's now.........  

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