You are not alone !

Julian Primmet British Colombia

Veteran Lay Gnostic, bright, curious therefore self educating. Online Gamer, early twenties. Happy to answer your questions 

Jill, Island dweller off Washington state.  Puget sound.

Recent Lay Gnostic currently going thru Kundalini rise. has tremendous lifetime of experience in spiritual endeavours where she has distilled some firm viewpoints for your guidance, reader. She is a sculpture artist and lover of animals. Produces Lay Gnosis advertising videos and videos commenting on spiritual, matters generally.

Gina Fullbright is  a long term Lay Gnostic operating a herbal medicine store where mysteriously people are 'summoned' to her shop counter for a wide variety of advice since she became gnostic
Sam Fullbright, Husband and business partner to Gina. A very knowledgeable and  ever curious fellow. Value his opinon.
Trevor Primett , British Colunbia another  motivated curious self educator long term Lay Gnostic. Evidence based thinker.Always worth listening to.And people are 'nudged' toward him also.
Jill on Youtbe
Gina and Sam on Myspace
Sam on Youtube
Wake up music he collects on youtube
Elisabeth Steffen Germany Social worker, mature woman with considerable personal experience. A more loving person, you will not find. Writes quite good English. Likes questions.
On youtube
Thomas Truelove a living gnostic of great experience. A poet. Well educated He has much to tell you, Godling.
Thomas Truelove get a load of this guy