Hancock joins the dots between historic anomalies and it makes  more sense than convention, to gnostics
Graham Hancock author of Fingerprint of the Gods, does an engaging lecture here, connecting some little known  historic anomalies, explaining that ancient peoples like the Egyptians were probably better  quality people than us today in grasp of fundamentals, such as realising the miracle and privilege  of existence itself. The best part is the last 15 mins where he quotes a very ancient  detailed prediction of the materialistic blind alley we are in today, and how it will be corrected by Gnosis, specifically intervention by God. And its all  to do with  earths Precession it seems.  Did you know that the discarded British Imperial measurement system is based on the pyramids and knowledge of precession? 72, 36, 24. magic numbers. We still use that for time and navigation and Hancock gives a delightful run thru the evolution  and history of maps and the surprising ancient knowledge revealed.