The complete lack  of objectivity of  some leading 'Scientific' authorities Victor Zammit reports

COMMENTARY WHAT'S WRONG WITH 'CLOSED-MINDED ORTHODOX SCIENTISTS?: We are still having problems with conservative scientists these days. We must never forget the huge blunders made by 'closed minded' scientists who stubbornly refused to investigate the evidence of a new discovery or invention which was contrary to their own cherised beliefs. We remember that these stubborn negative scientists got together, in the name of orthodox American science, to heap ridicule, derision and denigration onto the Wright Bros for their discovery of aviation! WHO were these stubborn closed minded reductionist scientists and leaders of orthodoxy in America who attempted to hinder scientific progress? The first example below - (more next week:)

1) The Scientific American and the New York Herald called the Wright Bros 'hoaxers' for their claim to have flown an aircraft!
(it went on for 3 yrs)
2) Professor Simon Newcomb on behalf of American intellectual closed minded orthodox science stated, "it is scientifically impossible for machines to fly" - weeks AFTER the Wright Bros flight had been observed by hundreds of people!

3) The top United States Army scientists at the time completely rubbished the Wright Bros aviation claim - stating that since it took birds millions of years to learn how to fly - it will take us millions more years...ha ha.... That is the voice of closed minded orthodox American Army scientists!

There are many more examples of how stubborn orthdox scientists made fools of themsleves by NOT opening their minds to objective and repeatable evidence which was fundamentally inconsistent with their own cherised orthodox beliefs. They said, "We did not see it so we do not believe it."

That is exactly what is happening to-day with this minority of closed-minded, orthodox, reductionist scientists who refuse to open their eyes to the evidence and who are attacking the Quantum Physics scientists - those who are producing brilliant paranormal results - stating that the paranormal and the afterlife are consistent with the laws of physics. See QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE
(more on the problem of orthodox science next week).

For more than a hundred years materialist science has applied a "taboo" or prohibition on publicly investigating or even talking about psychic phenomena (psi) or the afterlife- yet some of the scientists most admired by traditional science- Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Marie Curie and her nobel prize winning husband Pierre were involved in investigating the afterlife and the paranomal.