COMMENTARY: A LAWYER 'DEFENDS' WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE - What Jesus said about the afterlife is different from what the Church tells us about the afterlife. I had discussions with a Catholic priest about Christian theology and creeds. The priest said that to get to heaven (what we call the 'Realm of the Light', the ‘Summerland’) one has to be ‘Christian’ and "obey what the Church commanded”.

Then I asked, if there is an inconsistency between what Jesus said and what the Church says about ‘entering heaven’ – who prevails?

Jesus would prevail people would say. Why? We are told in Mathew's gospel in the New Testament that a humble man asked Jesus the question: “What must I do to enter into the kingdom of heaven (what we call the Realm of the Light)? -
What did Jesus reply? Did Jesus say:

- you must obey the Church’s creeds/dogmas? NO!
- you must be baptized? NO!
- you must go to Church on Sunday? NO!
- you must participate in the Church’s services, rituals confession, communion? NO!
- you must have 'beliefs' and 'faith' in Jesus? NO!
- you must believe Jesus died for mankind? NO!
- you must believe in the Adam and Eve myth? NO!
- you must not remarry after divorce? NO!
- you must believe Jesus was ‘God’? NO!
- you must believe in the Bible? NO!
- you must obey the Pope or Cardinal or Archbishop, Monsignor or priest? NO!
Steve here- And that you must be DEAD to enter "the kingdom of heaven"
- that more conditions to enter 'heaven' (Realm of the Light)
would be added by the Church later on? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

HERE is how Jesus answered that important question to get to 'heaven' - Realm of the Light:

(1) ”Do not murder, (2) do not commit adultery, (3) do not steal, (4) do not bear false witness, (5) honor your mother and father and (6) love thy neighbor as thyself”. THAT’S ALL!

Why then did the Church ADD more conditions to enter into ‘heaven’ not deemed essential by Jesus?

Why should a few priests here - to give themselves more power, absolute control, dominance and status on earth - arrogantly decide that Jesus - perceived to be 'GOD' - was wrong about the requirements to enter into ‘heaven”?

No one on earth has the power, authority and jurisdiction to tell Jesus (perceived by the priests as 'God') what to tell us about conditions to enter into the Realm of the Light (‘heaven’).

RECOMMENDATIONS: So, I say again to the Pope, archbishops, monsignors and other Christian leaders:
respect what Jesus, teacher and healer, said about the afterlife,
(2) THROW OUT THE UNNECESSARY ADDITIONS (and the BLASPHEMIES) - NOT DEEMED NECESSARY OR ESSENTIAL (3) have the courage to organize a credible, intelligent and acceptable new CHRISTIAN REFORMATION NOW! ...
I'll be
More than happy to receive emails from theologians for or against the above:vz(at)

Propogated by the church- Layers of Illusion    which enslave and misdirect

The power of a key  word or phrase to  catastrophically derail our thought process is immense. Quite correctly Sydney lawyer Victor Zammit here explains that "Churchianity" has tacked on numerous religious obligations to the simple instructions of Jesus to reach "the kingdom of heaven"   Quite right Victor. But it's not that simple. Jesus was a gnostic teaching gnostic consciousness suppressed by Churchianity.
So Jesus is teaching the kingdom of heaven is within each person, the divine spark can be activated, to reveal itself via gnsosis.
 BUT nowhere does Jesus say You gotta be dead first ! That is an inclusion invented  by the Church ! That heaven is the  afterlife reward that  follows a lifetime of obedience to church law!  Good for governing the Roman  Empire though. Any empire.... Hmm...

And Victor's own afterlife research strongly indicates the afterlife is not a religious venue.

Victor has a normal state of consciousness that gnostics call the  sleepwalker. Believing they are just an intelligent animal 
 albeit with a spirit.

So Churchianty is a control of the masses by fraudulent additions to the simple teachings of Jesus. Jesus never said he wanted the church of Rome built. It's a political  text insertion to justify the church lording it over the peasants claiming the sponsorship of Jesus Ha Ha. 


What Jesus taught unspun unedited is that No Church is needed to reach gnostic heaven within oneself
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