Recipe to reach a person robbed of any interest in living an adult life, by longterm  molestation  trauma and ensuing depression. Recipe to get the attention of an all round underfunctioning  refugee from life. A self immersed atheist  who demands to be spoon fed. Like every pseudoskeptic on the NET.

Put her and her  4yr old son to death to show her that death is a myth, for a start.
Many minutes immersed in frozen water revealed an  unexpected experience with some spirits.

A number of other people went to extraordinary lengths rescuing her boy who by then was  pronounced seriously brain damaged by doctors.

I won't spoil the story for you too much.

6 or 7 videos worth watching starts here with number 2.

She unabashedly reports her numerous defects before the event. They are not banished instantly at all and the  poor bloody spirits have a hard time working with her coping with her  infantile expectation of being spoon fed everything. And still her desire not to be part of the marvellous mission they  have planned for her. To be just  their typist. This demonstrates the seriously stunting effect on emotional and intellectual development of a lifetime of  molestation and trauma and depression and Prozac.There are millions like her.

So for the spirit teachers who only contact her in the bath, it's an uphill battle,  coping with her defects, but with their help she ultimately provides a  website recipe to get depressed resentful people home into the arms of Source.
In a
fairly unusual approach she uses  a 4 pronged method- free uplifting music which stimulates attunement in a meditational way as well some special symbols, visual mantras (mandala) to have people realise their divine origins. Practice unselfishness - random acts of kindness.

She also hands out an instruction that seems necessary for depressed people who suffer from rigidity of thought habit.

She talks about the need to  identify and focus on what brings us joy. And to practice enjoying these things to create new neural pathways in the brain. To learn new positive  thought habits. Something depressives need formal instruction on.

It's never occurred to me here in TBH to formally state this.  Its so obvious it goes without  saying, I thought.

But then with LG  I have had no success with these depressed pseudoskeptics.
And Shelley Yates was one.

To her credit she has organised, starting with only  an email list, a worldwide  group meditation involving millions of people !

So there is hope yet for James Randi and his millions of molested followers. Professional atheists all.
Though beneath her videos predictably 'skeptics'  bitterly and falsely  denounce her as a fraud.
But that's their depression talking.
There is a medical correlation between Atheism and depression.


Shelly Yates a depressed  self centered atheist dies and is born again.Comes out different..... but slowly and under protest
Her website