Update 2008

The global project of bringing LAY GNOSIS  to Mr and Mrs Average is well under way.
From a slow gentle start you hardly noticed the project becoming airborne eh?
Your participation and your contribution to this website adds lift and quality reassurance, smoothing the way for others.

The website, a mere machine connects people to God in 20 mins. It doesnt know and doesn't care about your eye colour, skin colour political beliefs or lifestyle choices. 
Love is blind, some might add.
Extra lift to the project is provided by that full working copy of the creator in each person summoning, by vivid dreams, stategically important people to this synthetically named  secret website. Like Josie in London and Missy elsewhere.There will be others.

Ignore the many "scientific" naysayers. Often verbally violent, they are simply the most reluctant to learn. The most deluded, of the  illusion of separation from god, pre-installed in most humans.They will be the last to have their  "animal"  illusion pierced.

So you look for calm curious people, and you show them the handtrick, write down the funny website name and you can turn this newly gliding  gnostic love child   into a colossal airliner that never needs to land., elevating people everywhere. There is room for every one of you.