David Wilcock Extraordinary Man

Video 5 Project Looking glass

Pineal Picture cracking  sound -OBE
Anchor point of the silver cord
EM shield created when lights go out
ie Shielding from  normal 'space-time'
2 huge arteries to pineal
Pineal has the biggest blood energy supply of any gland in the body- GATEWAY
Another video confirming  most brain energy is not accounted for. So where does it go?   See
link below Alien brain 
Pineal EM shield created, that flips inside out to become energy waves 'time-space'
Recall Buckminster Balls (molecules) that flip inside out to become energy waves
Water molecule microclusters, in pineal cause  flip over (diffraction grating effect) 
Darkness activates EM activity in pineal
EM  activity  feels like  pressure, buzz or tone   or acceleration inside the head.
On typing buzz or tone I thought tinnitus? and my tinnitus responded very loudly Hee Hee. Tinnitus gone berserk now. And its happening in daylight.......Hmm
And I get  a rushing sensation and visual sensation  as I nod of  to sleep as if rushing toward a star field as in Star Trek beginning.
Question to audience Who has this experience? No hands up. (wrong phrasing )
Water becomes a conduit (pipe) to "time-space"  a parrallel reality instead of the   normal 'space-time'
Interior retina records visual images.
Affirmative tingle .
DMT appears to hyper accelerate EM activity in pineal
LSD psychedelics force pineal to release DMT acclerating the energetic process
Potentially dangerous Schizophrenia delusions, waking  daylight hallucinations- melatonin disturbance 6:40
Is pineal a natural hypergate?
Human eardrum tilted for 3 dimensional sound recordings-  directional holographic sound
Superior to animals
Can also be done with light !
Sacred geometry of face and head
Pyramid eye--- Gnosis thru the pineal?
Affirmative tingle.
This from deep in Black ops
7 black ops people independently verified this
Can we reverse engineer the pineal ?
We need -
 water that flips inside out
Barrel or pine cone shaped water container
Special water
EM shield
Fine tuning method for the field
Ionised gas to pick up visual images
 from 'time-space'
TV uses display surface struck by electrons
Ionised gas might glow something like that-
Sounds far fetched ?

Project Looking Glass is already here.


In this lecture spitting image of Edgar Cayce David Wilcock reveals Black Ops leaks that will astound you. And he fits them all together to mesh with  your pineal gland, DMT, ancient history, religions,  mysticism and modern  political  skullduggery and 2012. A gripping story. 
Movie  The last Mimzy
Dr Dan Burrish
Catacylsmic event 2102
Treaty with ETs
Looking glass technology
2000 election Cheating Diebold
2012 Earth Pole shift
Sumerian Looking glass
Gadafi Sadam
Doctrine for the convergence of the timeline paradox

Video2   2012 Enigma
Sacred geometry
Sand on water wit
h sound produces patterns
Revealing structure of matter
Is Space-Time flipover possible?
 via a Diffraction grating
Matter becomes Energy
Buckminster Fullerene
60 Carbon  Molecules
Became an All Wave pattern--
Inside out Space-Time flipover
DNA becomes a wave
Bacteria experiment
Sickness can 'wave' thru quartz crystal
Hands on Healing
Illness can transfer  Been there done that
Dewey Larson Time is 3D
Einstein wrong
Donut Time-Space inside the donut
Space-Time on the outside
These can INVERT
So that time, dreams astral travel are in 3D
where distance =time
Fairey Circles

Video 3  2012 ENIGMA
 Natural Stargates at geometric earth points
The building of henges there worldwide
Telepathy documented
Antarctica to LA Sherman and Watkins
Telepathy continued after death of one
"Nested system of spheres separating the two"
Kundalini Collapsing of chakras into nested spheres
Pineal gland
Ancient cultural records in Sumeria
Dan Burrish black ops man
Stargate snake heads Raul
Mirror image of Annunaki seals
Pine Cone Pineal fascination
King Tut snake forehead
Indian pine cone symbol on  female foreheads
Dyonisus Pine cone staff
Buddha pine cone hair
Jesus on the SINGLE EYE 
"The light of the body is the eye.
If therefore your eye be single your whole body shall be full of light Matthew 6:22"
Misuderstood by conventional sleepwalking scholars as a  mere "single mindedness"
Now surely the Vatican wouldn't subscribe to this Pineal stuff?
But they DO.
Vatican celebrates Pinecones in large statues galore. photos  Not exactly, Bronze cone was erected 100AD Vatican was built around it later.
IBIS birds Egyptian flavour
Open Sarcophagus statue  from Egypt
Conquest of death
Video1  2012 Enigma
Evil father figure Govt-Santa Claus
Widespread awakening to this illusion
Basic fabric of the Uinverse is consciousness
Edgar Cayce family portraits versus
Wilcock family-
Reincarnation cluster
Are great secrets withheld?
Interplanetary climate change
Dodecahedron shaped universe
Soccer ball
Mainstream science
Crop circle mayan calendar
pointing to 2012
Sound wave crop circle hint
Sacred geometry
Crop circle  shows developing DNA
Changes to DNA
Triple helix DNA 
Extra DNA strands coming

Video 4  2012 Enigma
Vatican Court of the Pine Cones
Gigantic Gold ball polished mirror finish
symbol of divinity
Greek Columns
Pine cones in every ancient culture
Egyptian cuneiform writing
Lion sphinx from Egypt
Open sarcophagus--the end of death
TEMPLARS use pyramid sacred geometry
making churches to resonate and amplify consciousness
Stained glass windows sacred geometry
Gregorian chants- sound effects
Egyptian obelisk in the Court of Pines
Pontiff's Pine Cone staff pictured 
On OBE solar system is nested spheres
Resemble umbrellas
Called a 'Tree' - diagram on screen
Pineal gland enables access to the world 'Tree'
In darkness pineal exudes melatonin hormone to switch on sleep mode
Jesus 'The people who sat in darkness saw great light Mathew 4:16'
Also DMT from pineal gland
Dictionary def of DMT includes
time dilation, journeys to paranormal realms, encounters with spiritual beings or other transdimensional modalities
Pineal filled with water
Pineal water calcifies with age
White on Xray
Calcified by diet and liquids
Green pineal chakra means locked in materialism pineal blocked Hmm.....
Steve Note. Entire brain calcifies with age the result of diet and liquid intake. Western diet is highly acidifying. Causing calcified hard brain tissue.People who have drunk distilled water for long periods have soft brain tissue at autopsy. CAUTION Distilled water causes cardiac arrest (death) as the body exudes minerals to mineralise the distilled water.
It seems the way to go here is an alkalising diet
(pat received )  and  suddenly following Trevors question from BC about  pineal calcification Source is trying very hard to get me to go without my beloved meat for a while which is highly inflammatory and acidifying. Calcifying. But I am carnivore at heart. I have been lobbied two days in a row ! Hmm......might try fish more frequently. leave meat out of diet  for say  a week or fortnight or so.  Grumble.
Good  simple free  experiment for all of us.
Note  None of us report much sustained OBE activity. LG works without it.
I think we are being nudged into reducing our red meat intake gang. Only an experiment. See if any one  reports changes in dreams etc
And we all got sent to this video by Source.

Pineal interior contains  eye-like rods and cones But which way do they 'face' ?
is the minds eye. Careful of the meaning of minds eye here.
SILVER CORD is anchored here.
Crack sound comes from here when OBE starts.
I got a sharp  internal crack sound   first time I clicked my amygdala Hmmm........

Biggest energy supply
Water microclusters
Mysterious Brain Energy Usage confirmed by science -Alien Brain video
Is the pineal doing much of this mysterious stuff?

Video 6
Project Looking Glass
Collossal in size massive underground bases
Visual images in argon gas- yellowish
Large rings spin -  EM shields barrel (pineal)
Water flips 'space-time' to 'time-space'
Massive glow display
Contact Movie Jodie Foster
It's in our FACE this stuff
Fish eye lens formed
Large Gantry
Stargate opens
Wormhole to higher realms
2:34 All seeing eye as per the dollar bill
Huge luminosity like the real thing
since the 1940s
Pilot Jodie Foster end of the dream
Movie the last Mimzy same theme
Hellraiser movie 30 yrs old
Wormhole to the future sending our DNA
Last Mimzy Infomercial confirming Black Ops Dr Dan Burrish of Majestic12-- dealing with ETs  from our own human future
Have gone to the future- wanting our DNA following 2012 cataclysm
Cube from Roswell crash
Movie Hellraiser Puzzle Box to hell
Full colour image 
usage Cheating on presidential elections
Diebold George Bush
Fear of axis shift 2012 due to using the Looking Glass
Dec12 2006 all lookinglass technologies  decommissioned
IRAQ War real purpose to capture looking glass from Saddam Hussein -dug up from Sumeria- originally possessed by Gadafi- why he was bombed
Hussein was viewing future 
Fear of pole shift if Hussein continued viewing future
Had to be deconstructed to avoid pole shift
Fate of the world at stake
WILCOCK DISAGREES with  this DOOM AND GLOOM and FEAR scenario of 2012
8:27 Doctrine of the CTP
Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox
problem- Looking thru time after 2012 all goes white
Starting in 1980 Interlacing of images
Split imaging  speeding up 2009 - 2010 2012
Needed server farm just to log the images
Display goes White after 2012