From Roland A Flores
Hi Steve,

It was interesting reading the info referencing the Kundalini 
experiences.  This experience happened to me on or about the 2002 / 
2003 time period.  My experience consisted of energy vibration running 
through my  body head to toe and vis a verse during the evening as I 
was laying down but fully awake.   I admit that it did scare me 
because I did not know what to make of it.  Also, since 1996 I have 
had the ringing in both of my ears.  They are different tones in each 
ear, although high in frequency, yet are very harmonic together.  As 
far as any "gifts", I feel I am very much the same.  Although, my 
personal awareness have me feeling more One with / Connection and An 
Extension with  "The Source".

During that same time period I was also given  / felt a glimpse of the 
remembrance of "love".  A totally indescribable all encompassing 
overwhelming experience.

I sincerely welcome your comments.

Thank You


Answer : Roland Thanks for your excellent input !

Not medically recognized your wholly natural experience is difficult if not impossible to research because you don’t even know a keyword.
Many people hear voices during and after K rise and doctors fill them with toxic drugs they don’t need. A few people receiving psych treatment for years for hearing voices whoop with joy when they see my voice passage description of the way the creator communicates with a person in their minds eye. They finally realise they are simply Gnostics.

In your case you note you did not hear voices.

The LAY GNOSIS website automates the process involving a simple method of inducing the slow onset of this new type of gnosis particularly formulated to not intrude on an average persons daily activities.

Typically after viewing the video and visiting the site the average person practices the hand tingle-soft body field trick nightly for 3 minutes. This leads to within a week or so Vivid messaging dreams and soon after typically early morning greeting music inside one’s head before the eyes are opened. DREAMS page explains this. After a few weeks of adventures the average persons K rise is commenced mediated by the creator. Meaning you know where you’re going. You know what’s happening. The function of the website is to provide not only induction, but day to day situational support for average people undergoing this delightful transformation. The complete process takes maybe 3 years. Onset times of various elements of Lay Gnosis are supplied on the ONSET page.
Challenges to mundane thinking are on the QUESTIONS page.

Lay Gnosis exposes the creator to the average person in some very human and beautiful verifiable ways,. predicted on the website, often astounding people.

Some methods of communication are distinctly physical.
These include direct handle tingles and after K has risen 6 months for the average person a clear precise prickle sensation in the Hands and feet and will remain after K rise.
This is two physical evidences that this is NOT ones imagination in the minds eye.
Good for evidence based thinkers to be confident within themselves and not listen to external sources like labcoated scientists (pseudo priests) as we are all trained to do

In your case, Roland, your K has risen already and you didn’t know what to do with it. Common. Your only avenue of enquiry would have been lots of meditation but that area abounds with suspicious misinformation- a virtual wilderness. Disparaged and ignored by mainstream science.

So I think, if you practice that handtrick for 2-3 mins nightly you are likely to have soon Vivid messaging dreams commencing your trip.
You can flutter the eyelids of your sleeping partner by massaging their soft body field proving this is no placebo or imagination effect. It is objective science .Available to everyone.
User feedback is provided by distant people from foreign countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore, Paris etc

Note this LAY GNOSIS also provides a sort of Truth indicator where one can ask if something is true and can receive a direct tingle, a nudge or a prickle to bypass misinformation. Users report this. There is an index section on NUDGES.

So ahead of you Roland is a wonderful panoramic journey following a physical evidence trail.A simple diagram, the blue egg INTERNALLY YOU also comes in a mini lecture on site. It may seem oversimplified but can be understood by children and serves as a useful very simple metaphor. Nobody wants to learn complex metaphysics. Life in the physical is just too demanding.
LAY GNOSIS is for busy people.

Roland's final comment
During that same time period I was also given  / felt a glimpse of the 
remembrance of "love".  A totally indescribable all encompassing 
overwhelming experience.

Your final comment, Roland, about a glimpse/ memory of love shown to you was direct modulation of your body chemistry. That feeling beyond words that can only be experienced to understand, is why you exist and where you came from.

LAY GNOSIS takes you back there –perhaps frequently, later on. That great intelligence directly modulates your body’s natural opiates. It just wants to be with you and share your life in the physical.

Lay Gnosis taking you back to your forgotten origin on a daily basis explains the website greeting - Welcome Home, Godlings !.

You might see some benefits of making this experience that you know, to millions of people by an automated process. Change society !
And the physical signals are reminders- to prevent us forgetting our origins ever again.
No more going off the rails. Foregetting our origin  is the cause of much  historic grief suffering and despair - That's "Why" Layman's Gnosis now !

The Age of Aqaurius finally kicks in !

Thanks very much for your question, Roland.

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