Alan Watts on waking up
 Gnostic Alan Watts in 1973 describing beautifully the predicament that some Godlings find themselves in. Wanna wake up. But there are "buts", and doubts as they cling to the familiar.

A pleasing description of us- that we are consciousness playing hide and seek with itself,  enjoying the maze of a zillion permutations.

Funny how these gurus never mention physical signals which aid in clarification of  awakening perceptions.

Lay Gnosis certainly provides them. 

Alan Watts is right to point out the common error  that many make, assuming that suffering and sacrifice is a requisite of the journey home. Religious propaganda.

  The very modern Lay Gnosis requires no complex philosophy or meditation or study, or sacrifice.  Once triggered, it is literally heaven dripping into you, a little bit every day, so as not to disrupt your normal daily life. Your personal requirements are taken into account.