Strange behaviours of water in extreme situations- quite illogical but true- believe it or not !
Electric universe steps in to explain a 100 yr old  science mystery about distilled water subjected to a very high voltage. 15KV. The odd behaviour includes the defying of gravity- you will see this.  For a hundred years science has left this astonishing activity in the too hard basket because they all wore blinkers. Like they still do, most times. LOL
And an equally anomalous but very satisfying discovery /demonstration that homeopathic  water does not behave logically as we would like it to do. The  leading skeptics are furious. And have gone quiet  because the simple experiment has already been duplicated  by other scientists. I'll just say it all makes sense to me coming from an electrical engineers  background. The setup at least. The experiment is a simple HP Dieletric tester ( capacitor tester) which consists of a high voltage KV  power supply with current limiting, is applied to a homeopathic solution.
As its diluted it should by common sense   become progressively and predictably less conductive  and return to normal water behaviour as the dilute has vanished completely.  But it doesnt. That's the rub. Thats why James Randi has backed down, on homeopathy. Quiet as  a doormouse he is now. And John Benneth's playful  in-the skeptics-faces delivery, of this hard science  duplicated finding, drives the  online skeptics into a frenzy of vitriolic condemnation of John Benneth, who is only the messenger. He is always entertaining. 
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