Voice actuated
Biochem switch

This  is the voice that closes the biochemical switch in the listener enabling the long imprisoned Creator to seep into your internal awareness and establish first contact with the phrase And I love you so .
That will occur a few minutes after hearing this voice recording. Another event likely to be triggered is a tingling or warming of the hands.
This second intelligence responsible for these events has always dwelt  within your internal awareness. But previously as a silent partner
Now it wants to return to dialogue with you.
It holds you in very high regard. To the point of adoration.
Hence its opening line
And I love you so.
That greeting will be used extensively as it conveys many shades of meaning.
So when you mentally admire someone else it’s his loving voice- over to you.
You need only think a reply – He will know it practically before you.
More dialogue will follow.
In time you will become accustomed to this kind of internal dialogue.
He likes to be called Dad. No Grandiose titles.
The dialogue starts with just snippets of audio-- bits of your favourite songs- but will later include direct speech and video in your minds eye.
So he converses with you as a talking face from your memory, in a puppet-like way, mostly using an identity you admire and are most at ease with to maximise the experience for you. That’s always his intention.
You can ask for a different talking head anytime

Marilyn Monroe. John Lennon. Audrey Hepburn
Your favourite newsreader.
Anybody. No identity is out of bounds. No copyright is safe.
The  requested identity morph will happen before you finish the question.
That’s how close he is to you. He is part of you. And always has been.

His sense of humour will soon become apparent as occasionally the face will morph to something else incongruous so he can laugh with you. That also emphasises the independence of this second intelligence within you..

In quiet spots within you may hear internal phone bells –it’s him reminding you he’s there. Hullo! Anybody home? No one else will hear that bell. So clearly its only for you......

Just hearing this short voice passage will close the switch in you, in just a few minutes enabling the creator to declare his presence to you in your internal awareness with his most common greeting--- often musical
-And I love you so.

And that new Seventh Sense is likely to appear in your hands- a slight tingling, warming, rippling or pulsating effect in your palms
This process does not confer or augment psychic abilities.
End message.