A confluence of influences - Trevors question from BC on the pineal gland  business raised by Wilcock, and that this was all predicted in advance  by Logan in NZ  primarily to get our attention,  and then my being nudged twice on going vego, motivates me to say a couple of things.

There are different levels of investment in vegetarianism. 
Much misinformation
Some people claim to be vegetarian but still eat chicken and fish and eggs
So they are only avoiding red meats.
Going completely vegan is a large and dangerous and near  impractical step.
That is avoiding all animal products. Including dairy and eggs.
50% of anorexics are 'vegetarian'
Some vital nutrients are virtually impossible to get from a pure vegan diet.
specifically iron for red blood cells is locked up in  vegetable sources as
indigestible phytates that require a vitamin C supplement to digest.
Meat and eggs provide vital iron.
Vitamin B12 is not available from vegetable sources. Only occurs in meat eggs and fish.  
Also essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 actually are most obtainable from meat and fish and fish oil eggs . Not from vegies.

To get that 'full' feeling one must eat a much larger quantity of  just vegetables. than  meat. One spends 2-3 hrs daily chewing vegetables. It causes aching jaw muscles. Been there done that.
Its obvious we are meant to be omnivorous. But how much?
Fatty meat gives us the full feeling quickest. Suits our modern  work ethic. Short lunches.
Some people just need a plate of meat daily. They are made that way.
But the price we pay is the acid ph of meat causing in our body acclerating ageing,. and inflammation the basis of many illnesses. Meat contains arachadonic acid which is highly inflammatory. Which provokes many maladies.
Arachadonic Cascade is the medical term for the many types of inflammatory damage caused by meat. 

Numerous people say going vego cures arthritis.

Vegetarians have a much lower cancer rate we are told.

Totally vegan diet just fruit and vegtable causes long term calcium deficiency - broken bones etc even death. Takes years to recover
Calcium powers muscles ! Few people know this.

Calcium in milk bonds to dietary fat carrying it thru the body undigested !

Calcification occurrs in all  soft tissues. Said to be caused by lack of  dietary magnesium. Which comes from where? Mg is the central molecule of Chlorophyl. Everything green. Not enough vegetable and too much acidifying meat causes calcification of soft issues in all of us.
Whether Mg supplementation would just stop further calcification advance or actually reverse it is not clear.
Symptom in some, of Mg deficiency is cramps.
Best to get a  magnesium supplement also containing calcium and vitamin D

And YES tapwater fluoride accumulates in our beloved pineal gland
Thousands of times more than in other tissues.
Rumour has it this was used by the Russians to make prison populations more docile as it  competes with iodine and lowers the production of Thyroxine  hormone that controls your basal metabolism- rest heart beat and breathing.
In the 1930's fluoride baths were used to lower the thyroid activity of over active thyroid patients. It has been listed as a poison.
The  juicy rumour goes that Hitler learned this doping  prison populations trick from the Russians in Poland.

BBC Docco on the web somewhere  about history of fluoride reveals vast quantities were produced by the Manhattan project. It poisoned and injured so many farmers and farm animals to avoid being sued the  US government commissioned a fake study to prove scientifically fluoride was 'good' for you. Protected your teeth.War time security hush hush blah blah

It became compulsory and went into drinking water world wide. 

Now one must ask if Big Pharma doesn't believe in vitamins why is fluoride in our drinking water the only 'vitamin'? Why is it so important? Why do the authorities care so much about only our teeth? There are other water soluble things that could aid human health but they are not added. Anywhere. Why? 
Modern day  dentists having being brainwashed for decades are now reversing their opinions. Fluoride is banned in the EU.

The  accidental benefit of the Manhattan trick seems to have been a docile population.

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