Low light photography of materialisation
Yes it's photographed this  spirit materialisation

Two videos provided on the linked page. Physical mediumship done by Tom at Montcabirol, France.

You will need patience the first attempt by spirit to produce a video image of materialisation is only 16 seconds long.
The second one goes an entire 5mins and the action starts at 4 mins.
Wise to watch both videos twice so your cache is full the second time and you can watch the video
s without any jerks or stops.
Very useful is the commentary provided by witnesses down page explaining details of the process of materialisation.
Including while the voices are produced Toms mouth is closed. He is not speaking. The voice comes from nearby. A witness in the cubicle reports this.
And before and after the  hand materialisation, plastic cable straps are checked,  holding Tom down, to prevent him from providing the hand that appears from behind the curtain 4 mins into the second video.
More videos are promised.
Naturally our first thought is to decry the amateur nature of this event and demand it happen in broad daylight in front of Hollywood Hi Def cameras and be proclaimed by Modern Science.  But we can't have the universe provide proof on our terms. The rule is we have to take and deal with what evidence we can get. However its provided.

It's also  a very naive demand. Science is decidely atheistic and anti spiritual and our corporatocracy employs fake debunkers like James Randi and his lame followers  to smear these events and keep them off the front page of the worlds media because it reduces the profits of Big Pharma.  Hence Penn and Teller, also abusing their audiences with obscenities and verbal violence not to think for themselves but have corporate employees, scientists in white coats,  supply a patented cure for every problem in their life.  Shyness pills- for example Paxil. 

 David Thomson the  world's foremost physical medium did say to me that he had received an anoymous email  saying a Danish TV company was attempting to infiltrate an agent into one of the seance sessions to secretly film it and possibly introduce a flashlight during filming which could injure the physical medium. One was killed by a police raid in the UK.  
So do you recall the Danish cartoons?
They weren't Danish at all. The Danish newspaper was owned by the Washington Post in New York. So it was a US operation.
Strangely there were outraged mullahs ready to fly the cartoons to every middle eastern country to make sure every Muslim country in the world was offended  by an obscure Danish Newspaper.... Hmm
And they didn't see 8 cartoons-- they saw 12 and 15 cartoons.......Hmmm...
Get  the idea? Its was actually an organised  propaganda assault against Islam as usual.
A similar thing might be done against  physical mediumship as it  threatens Big Pharma which prefers populations to be atheistic and materialistic.

A TV show "debunking" mediums would be of benefit to Big Pharma.