Tom and Kevin have been aware of spirit from a very early age. Tom at the age of 9 had an out of body experience. He was brought up by the seaside in Scotland and loved swimming in the Firth of Forth. One day a neighbour had bought his little girl a blow up dingy, all the children were have a go in it. It came to Tom's go. He jumped into it and started paddling out from the beach, he went further and further out, not realising how far he had gone, no one had been paying attention. His mother looked out to see where he had gone and saw that he was quite a distance from the shore; she stood up and shouted to him to come back, Tom panicked and stood up in the dingy, the dingy capsized and Tom fell into the sea, although he was an excellent swimmer he got cramp. He started to drown; he felt himself leave his body and could see himself struggling, he felt no fear he saw a wonderful light coming towards him, he did not experience pain or choking as one would have expected only an inner peace. Fortunately the father of the girl who had bought the dingy swam out and saved his life; although he remained unconscious for 2 days he made a complete recovery, he was always very careful on the beach, and in the sea, he went on to become a teacher of life saving. It was many years later that he understood the significance of the experience and knows this led him to believe in the dimension of the afterlife.
As a young boy Kevin preferred to play with and make first aid kits rather than play with toy soldiers as his friends did, all his pals thought him a little strange; even Kevin did not understand why. He remembers when he was about 6 or 7 years old sitting on the stairs and overhearing a conversation by some women who with his mother had just returned from a spiritualist meeting. They were commenting on a message that his mother had been given from spirit that evening. Spirit had told his mother that her son was a very special child, they spoke of his love of animals and that one day he would become a great healer. Kevin never forgot this conversation. This message stayed with him although he never shared it with anyone. It was not until he was in his early twenties at his own first spiritualist meeting that the significance of this became apparent. Tom and Kevin started sitting for spiritual development just over twenty years ago in Hastings on the south coast of England in the spiritualist church in Portland place with a wonderful medium called Margaret Ripley. In these sittings Mrs Ripley told Tom that he had the potential to become a medium in the future and that Kevin was a healer and that Harry Edwards would be working through him. The accuracy of Mrs Ripley's messages started them both on their spiritual paths. After the unfortunate long illness and eventual passing of Mrs Ripley, they sat in other home circles with varying degrees of success and disappointment due to lack of harmony, understanding and knowledge within these circles. In the following years Kevin continued to develop his healing while Tom developed his clairvoyance and transfiguration at their home in Bexhill on Sea and various spiritualist churches on the south coast. After a tragic house fire in England they decided to move to France with a close friend. The region they chose, unbeknown to them at the time; was in the heart of Cathar country in the Midi Pyrenees in south western France. They arrived in the Pyrenees and within 10 minutes of viewing the first property, bought it. The property is a small hamlet with 6 houses. They did not understand then why they had been so impulsive until much later, in one of their sittings they were told that this place had been chosen for them by spirit and was to become firstly, a sanctuary for spiritual healing and secondly a centre for the development of physical and mental mediumship. When they asked spirit why, they were told that geographically the location was ideal as was the energy surrounding the location. Kevin and Tom met a Yorkshire lady by the name of Sue and Kevin realised immediately that Sue had with her an Indian squaw guide. Although Sue had no previous experience of spiritualism, she was very well tuned into nature , Kevin then told her that she was already half there, and asked if she would be interested in sitting with us for development, to which she replied ?I would love to? We decided to sit at Sue's house because the hamlet was let out as holiday homes at the time. Sue's house is in an isolated position, on top of a hill, over looking forests with the Pyrenees as the spectacular backdrop. This seemed an excellent venue for our sittings. The sittings started off very well, we had no cabinet and the only light was from the log fire. Tom was our medium and he was already accustomed to going into trance we would watch Tom's face transfiguring, many faces would show themselves to us and various voices were coming through. Within the first few months we had our first clear communication from a spirit by the name of Albert, along with his dog Blackie, Albert turned out to be Warren Caylor's grandfather, he brought with him a spirit friend by the name of Jonathan Sinclair whom he had been coaching for many years. He told us he felt that Jonathan was now ready to take up the role of our gatekeeper, and asked if we would accept him as our control, we readily agreed. On the summer solstice of 2007 we saw very clearly the image of an Indian, transpose over Tom. He introduced himself as Yellow Cloud Man. He told us he was the spiritual son of Red Cloud he also told us that he would be working with us in the future. That night on returning home Kevin looked on the internet for any information regarding Yellow Cloud Man. He could not believe it when the first thing he found was the shrine to Yellow Cloud Man, rain god of the west. The shrine is on top of Tsi-Kumu-Pi 20 miles north west of the Pueblo. He is from the Tewa tribe. We also found his portrait from the Curtis collection and the portrait was the exact image of the one we saw transpose over Tom. Before this none of us had ever heard of Yellow Cloud. This, to us, was truly amazing evidence. We could not have asked for more especially when we found out that it was on the summer solstice when he did his rain dance ceremony at the shrine. The sittings continued to grow, we had been given our control Jonathan, who has been with us ever since. It was at this time we moved our seances to Hameau Montcabirol. We at first held them in Kevin's healing room where we continued to experience different kinds of phenomena such as beautiful lights of fantastic colours, strange aromas, ectoplasm, the levitation of Tom in his chair, and on another occasion Tom floating out feet first from the cabinet and hovering in the middle of the room, and the bowl of water which we use would rock from side to side. In July 2008 we were delighted to have a visit from John Sloan. He told us he had been around us for some time. He also told us from now on he would be staying with us, if we would accept him. We also have a young Spirit lady by the name of Irene. She, on the earth plain was a trapeze artist with Bertram Mills's circus. She passed to spirit after an accident when she fell from the trapeze onto the already erected lions caging. She is a joy to have with us. An uplifting soul who loves to sing. Last summer Jonathan told us we needed to separate the physical mediumship from healing energies. We have created a new purpose designed seancece room that can accommodate up to 40 people as spirit have told us there will be many demonstrations held here.

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