Terror Management Theory

  Atheist psychology provides this fascinating article. It's basically about how people's behaviour  and attitudes are altered instantly, if they are even subtly reminded of death.  And how fear of death makes people behave  conservatively and selfishly, and destructively. It's been measured  and observed in repeated studies.
It affects how people vote it seems.  Thus we might conclude conservatives are more fearful than liberals. Certainly governments use  fear, to key word populations into obedience. The fake war on terror would be a good example.
Right now in the media  we are being shown a man brought in from Bangladesh by the FBI, and given FBI explosives and FBI support, to leave an FBI  fake car bomb, next to a US Federal Reserve building.

 Is this genuine terrorism? Or would you call it, state sponsored pseudo-terrorism?  Contrived  terrorism? State encouraged terrorism? Who are the terrorists?
It looks like the FBI  
is the main perpetrator, of a bomb hoax.

All they need is a  half witted patsy, possibly hypnotised, and the FBI do the rest, producing a made-to- order bomb hoax.
( The underpants bomber was put on a plane without a passport, by a CIA Indian man, in a trenchcoat. Can you get on a plane without  a passport, dear reader? LOL- The Answer is- only if the FBI is sponsoring your "criminal" act)  

Certainly this latest media event, the FBI organised  Federal Reserve non-bomb,  will generate fear of death in many. So media stories can be powerful instruments in governing, especially with an  election coming in 3 weeks.
Meanwhile  dozens of  US predator drones patrol the skies of foreign countries killing people , personally selected for execution by Barack Obama, every Tuesday, for secret reasons, and mostly innocents die.
It's suggested this could actually provoke more terror attacks from remote regions, and this is apparently what the US Administration wants. Continuous war. Continous threat of death  using the principles outlined in the below article "Terror Management Theory"  

And of course, other people can fly drones too. Iran just provided a copied US drone to Hezbollah, which flew it into Israel to photograph the Dimona reactor. It completely avoided detection by high tech Israel, simply by coming in low, off the sea.  So Israelis will be  scared half to death now. They already were. And tinpot dictators can now anonymously attack large nations. What a future America is bringing us. Leading by example. And what if  say, Russia makes cheap predator drones, available to anybody with money?  It's another Landmine nightmare in the sky. 

And back home in the US, the Government plans to have 30,000 drones patrolling US skies for "security and law enforcement" Ha Ha. 
UK Government is also planning this "Skynet" thing.

The barbaric  attitude that results from the military industrial complex's need to make money,  has the goal, of weaponising every molecule in the biosphere.

If we didn't fear death so much, we would be a lot less governable and more independent, and much happier. Praise to Victor Zammit for his  email service revealing the huge evidence that death is a myth.




Terror Management Theory explained