Midwifing Teenagers into the Light of God- Thomas Truelove
On the left, this is  the little handout Thomas gives people after showing them the Party- handtrick. That get's everyone's attention.
Notice he mentions teenagers.
 Now ponder this, Godlings, Imagine a whole generation of teenagers knowing what they truly were, before they enter adult life. Seeing through the many illusions that deluded their 'blind' parents.  It's a whole new world......a rebirth of humanity.The greatest most informed rebel generation in history. Dizzying ideas come to mind. Divinely Guided  loving rebels.........John Lennon eat your heart  out
So how do we reach the mass of teenagers? Any ideas? Do ponder this. Bear in mind teenagers invent code word slang that parents can't understand enjoying the little conspiracies, resist authority and embrace new fashions only because they are 'different'. So how could we generate a sort of teenage cult interest in LAY GNOSIS ? Any ideas?  Youtube? T shirts?

For translation purposes
The handout reads :-

Latest Handout
Problems ?
yourself for a change
School problems-
Marital problems-
Money problems-
Job problems-
You have never been told this, but each of us has a genius inside from birth that can give us one -on-one guidance. The only problem is you have never been told, so you don't know how to communicate with it. Curious? Go to:
IF you want to empower yourself this may be THE experience you have been looking for.
(Good for teenagers & under ! )

And here from  gnostic Thomas some  loving support for the website. Notice his writing of the word Christ  Mass. Thomas was awakened in the middle of the night and reminded of the true meanings of that word.