Thomas Truelove Episode 2

Fantastic How wonderful!   So, how do they manage to connect in the same way as you do? Generous person because he writes in big print, and wants to get the big message across.
Ideal candidate to pass the message along to others.
Whatever next? 
 I saw a movie recently, where a court case was won by a man claiming to be Santa Claus.  No body believed him except the children as there was no proof that Santa Claus existed, until it was brought to mind that on  American money it is written,"In God we trust". 
 He of course is invisible too, so, the case was won.  The movie is called  "The Miracle on 34th Street" We thought it was lovely.
 When I saw the money on Tv in the film, I didn't ever think that I would see American money with it written on it, from you, son.  This movie was taped about 9 years ago, and I dug it out to watch as Tv is so bad lately.  It was unusual to watch. 
 Isn't strange that this should happen? It sort of rung a bell.  I think I told you about it recently in an email.( NO)   You should see it. 
  Great talking to you on the phone, love to hear your voice.
Off to bed, Love Mum & Dad
Is that one of the strange coincidences that you mention that isn't really a coincidence at all, but just a nudge?
I flicked  the thank you gift  (money photo) and letter from Thomas via email to My Mother, Audrey in Queensland.
She was delighted and very surprised, and realised that a random choice she made recently, in choosing a video, was not really random at all. It was part of a plan. She was nudged.   
Audrey was on the receiving end of a chain of events designed to reveal to her, the international reach and pinpoint accuracy,  of the  same Source intelligence in everyone,  that can link people,  over the Internet.
Thus the Source used a relay effect through me , to connect an affectionate   mssage from Thomas in Florida to Audrey in Queensland, already primed with the money movie.  Carrying a  second message from the Source.
Interestingly, Audrey and Thomas have something in common. At age 7-8 both rejected the concept of a vengeful God depicted in religion. and Audrey is a semi gnostic hearing her name called internally, and hearing internal music just like Jill, in Washington.
But for Audrey, God is an option to be opposed, as she retains her  ill informed childhood resistance. But the Source, ever so patient, is piling up the evidence around Audrey. 
Thomas Truelove Episode 1