Transcendental Meditation and Layman's Gnosis

A monk from India, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, introduced TM to the western world in the 1960's. It was associated with the Beatles, and continues to  grow, worldwide  today, even after his recent death, at 91.  The TM organisation of the Maharishi,  produced the finest quality meditation teachers, and spread mantra meditation throughout western society until it became a household word. Always anxious to use the scientific metaphor, the western pseudo religion, Maharsihi was instrumental in having western scientific medicine recognise, the proven physical and mental benefits, of meditation to entire populations in many large, supervised  rigorous studies. Out of large population studies rigorously supervised, it wa discovered that TM meditators in groups actually reduced negative behaviours in other people nearby. It was shown that city crime  rates, including murders, were reduced if a group of TM Sidhi  practicioners visited and did regular deep meditations. This was extended to strife torn, war torn, cities, at a number of world trouble spots. Repeatedly the same predictable reduction in destructive  behaviours, occurred when the meditator group visited. This  proven phenomenon passed scientifc peer review. (The Maharishi effect)

On that proven scientific  basis, it was inferred that a small group of people meditating on every continent would be sufficient, to bring the extinguishment of war.Globally. This was never disputed by informed scientists. And when the scientifc data that proved a warless world was possible , if only a bit of money would be spent on the maintenance of groups of meditators, it was coldly rebuffed by the Reagan Administration, The White House being the puppet of the US military indistrial complex, the clique that insists, that the only way to advance civilisation is war, by forever looking backward at the wartorn historic record.  

So if you came to this  LAYMAN'S GNOSIS website  from a background of TM practice, I can only commend you for an excellent choice of daily lifestyle improvement.

And do not feel disappointed that the Maharishi Effect, to establish world peace ,was rebuffed. There is another way. Here. LAYMAN'S GNOSIS is physically contagious and requires no meditation and can happily augment your TM ! Imagine the extra possibilities !
So the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is not beaten yet. Jai Guru Dev.

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