Spanish Index reflects growing Spanish content daily

Its quite amusing, the spanish TBH construction was slowed down by Gladys using a dying computer. Armed with a new laptop,  Gladys in the Canaries is now awoken daily to songs and pages to be translated by  adoring source. This morning she was awoken to the  raging pop song, Fire in the Blood, by Mireille Mathieu, an angry mocking of materialism, so relevant to LAY GNOSIS.

Even more amusing, is the the way Gladys has to work on this particular song. She has to listen to the German song , watch the English version for lyric meaning, and type that  in Spanish onto a 3rd version of the song.  Hand picked she was, Miss Rin Rin, out of 100 million NET people to do this job. It was a wise choice. Wonderful multi tasker she is.

And from New Zealand we are getting IT support from Logan who installs from there, slick looking shiny metallic music players, on the  Spanish Signalling music page.
Its necessary as I dont do HTML at all. Its double dutch to me.

And the same urging ocurrs at this end, opiate thrills course thru me,  while making this page. and preparing for the next. I'm nearly lifting off !  What a wonderful world !