Spanish Easter
The function of religions is to distract the common people from ever achieving gnosis by promising them a heavenly afterlife, in reward for their  lifetime secular obedience.
Christianity often absorbs "pagan" practices to maximise the takeup of the "faith".
Here is a glimspse of Spanish Easter reported by Gladys in the Canaries.

from Gladys Molina

Procession of the representation of the passion of Christ.
The stage/box which they take out is carried by the "brotherhood" of
that particular area. It is carried all night long and the men carrying
it around are supposed to be doing some sort of penitence for wrongdoing
or as a promise in thanking for a request.  It is supposed to be
extremely heavy to make sure they suffer properly.
Procession of the Virgin of the Bitterness (there's a virgin for
everything) In the Canaries we have the Virgin of the Pine as patron
saint of the island, although each municipality has their own virgin,
a bus ride away is the virgin of the pillar.  These then are used also
as girl's names. Pillar is a girl's name. Pino (pine) is a girl's name
all starting with Mary of etc... Mary of the Pine, Mary of the Pillar...
Singing the Virgin a "Saeta" asking for a good spring, sometimes they
sing for someone who's in prison etc asking for a pardon
This is a video from a tv channel with some images of today and many
years ago of easter in Malaga (city next to Seville).  It's celebrated
all over Spain but in the south is where there is more religious fervor
with a flair for drama and pain.