Sensing Murder the TV show in Australia - How its made in NZ- quite a story
ESP mediumship demonstrated on TV in solving cold case crimes by contacting deceased spirits, in fact the murdered person in spirit, often describes their own murder in vivid detail providing vital clues like names and places even addresses,  enabling police to conclude their investigation via conventional methods.  Just 3 psychics selected for their continous cross hair  accuracy, selected from hundreds tested. The show was so successful, as the three psychics are contiuously tesed against each other ,often revealing the same names, initials, cars, places and streets and houses.  As well as age and gender of the victim ! The psychics never meet. They are filmed on different days, and are supervised to ensure they do not do outside research.  This show type is run in  4 countries and is based on an idea from Danish TV. Skeptics eat your heart out.
And here is a video of how they make the show.  Pt6 has some surprising revelations. And pt 2 the psychologist thinks 10 PC of people hear voices. He is wrong. Its more than that.