My  schoolteacher sister wins a bank award, so there !

  I have said some very derogatory things about banks in TBH  (previous page lol) but occasionally they do something relatively harmless, potentially useful to little people.

My schoolteacher sister has won  an award from a  major Bank. link below.

She has also won,  years ago,  a one off  Government award, for  discovering  a new way of teaching illiterate students to read.
She spent years teaching remedial english to learning disabled students, and has also counselled prisoners in maximum security jails. She also taught school subjects in there, which traumatised and educated  her  quite a bit it seems.

She came out of that an expert, with encyclopedic knowledge of pychopaths.

 It gives you clues now, as to why I, the brother,  hover over the dregs of society, the skeptics, and see tragic learning disabilities everywhere. I come from the same teacher mould.   But never any collaboration between us. Independently we  just came out the same way. 100 miles apart.

Could be why I got picked for this job. LOL


The Awarding Banks online announcement