More Semi Gnostics

The grouping "Semi gnostics" iincludes people who occasionally have a spiritual experience in times of great duress. It is often fleeting and intensely memorable, generally kept secret. It can leave a person changed but unsure of what to do next, if anything. It does not include any  citable physical evidence of change. Lay Gnosis can later provide this,  adding to the  long lost fleeting  gnosis experience with mood elevation intervention, permanency of the phenomenon, and physical signals (2) to  utterly vanquish any remaining doubt. Namely, independent tingles and prickles, post K rise.
For a long time people may refer to these fleeting experiences as their Guardian Angel, Muse, Higher Self etc. The Source of all this does not care what it is called.
In the above example of a fleeting gnostic experience, a youngster Yvonne Miller was so impressed by the recollection and profundity of the event she made an impressive video, of  this dark period in her life. It is instructive.. It helps others "out of the closet".