Semi Gnostics

Some will report, that they have experienced, at least partially, the reported  internal phenomena on this website for long periods.
Some all of their lives. Likely never revealing it to anyone for fear of ridicule. Some  doing this are confused and have incomplete explanations for what has been happening in their mind.
Some will report adored figures in their minds eye they never really understood, but lived with. These can be pixies, elves fairies,  teddy bears, Spirit Guides-  Higer Selves-companions  lasting  often from childhood.  These are all the creator coming to you as an adored metaphor to bypass your resistances.
We can call you a Semi Gnostic. Hopefully this website will clear away any confusions or fears. Step out of the closet.

So it's OK, precious, to talk to the Sparkling Beauty Queen within you, or the Handsome Movie Star or the cartoon rabbit. 

The installation of  gnosis in lay people  by this site will make  it easier to to step out of the closet.  

And stepping out of the closet is Jill's wonderful example