Worst case is a gem-LOL- Louis Savva 

Louis Savva is a ranting raving pseudoskeptic pulling odd faces. His lack of social skills  suggests autism. This can make the NET experience unpleasant. But so extreme is his behaviour that he becomes amusing. And after you watch this there is a surprise in store. Just look at his chosen career path end  of the article

Quick look at this as the best the skeptic movement can produce seriously
Demise of the skeptic movement. Another nail in the coffin is Louis Savva. Astonishingly this person who can't connect thoughts was encouraged/ enabled to study for a Phd in parapsychology under another  CSICOP pseudoskeptic failure Chris French. Clearly a story of desperation in the skeptic movement. LOL   Savva's Blog title- "Everything is pointless" Would  you co-author any document with Louis Savva ? What an error for Chris French to make ! He must be approaching the end of his career and doesn't care anymore.

Savva is simply the best on a sinking skeptic ship -see his own blog title attached to Chris French

Savva, precisely like Blackmore, left parapsychology" because he couldn't find anything". Mistakenly concluding telepathy doesn't exist. Truth is they can't perceive their own incompetence.  And just maybe spirits avoid him. Would you invite him home for tea? Neither would the spirits.

Seriously my first reaction to his behaviour  and then his blog was that he was unemployable. Would you trust him in your family business? With cash?
Would you put him at the counter dealing with the  public?
Would you make him say, Personnel Officer ?
Would you trust him with women? Famous for mysogyny skeptics are.

Would  you trust him on a forklift working with other men, who are likely to punch him? Savva is a workplace accident waiting to happen. Advice : he is unemployable.  And a sign of the desperation of the  dying skeptic movement.