EU demolishes our steady State Solar system

Dwardu Cardona

EU2013 Dwardu Cardona photo A former Senior Editor of the journal Kronos and Editor of the journal Aeon, Dwardu Cardona has published well over a hundred papers and has authored four books: God StarFlare Star, Primordial Star and Metamorphic Star.

In his talk “Strangers in a Foreign Galaxy,” Dwardu will explore our ancient ancestors claim to have lived under an entirely different sun than the one we now live under. Stranger than that, this earlier sun has been named by them as the celestial body we now refer to as the planet Saturn. More than one astronomer has claimed that Saturn is actually the remnant of what originally had been a brown dwarf.

Once thought to be failed stars, brown dwarfs are now considered to be true suns and are now known to host planetary systems. There is therefore nothing strange in our ancient ancestors’ claim that Earth had, in effect, been a satellite of the pro-Saturnian sun. Taken into consideration with what else our ancestors claimed, this proto-Saturnian system had been traveling outside the demarcation of the present Solar System before it was catastrophically captured by our present Sun. And, to be sure, astronomical discoveries have recently indicated that Earth could not have come into being within the demarcation of the Solar System. Further discoveries actually indicate that, even at present, our world belongs to an entirely different galaxy that is slicing its way through the Milky Way.

 At the upcoming Electric Universe symposium we note more and more   maverick scientists are clustering in the EU camp. Like Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin. Here is another, namely Dwardu Cordona who will present an explantion demolishing our steady state heliocentric  Solar system account  by fitting lots of  ignored evidence together. And following this little advance summary we have a serious technical discussion from Wall Thornhill listing the compelling evidence revealing that originally Earth orbited Saturn !

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