Satanic music-- How serious the threat? Compared to sample non satanic music. Let's look Godlings.
Pointed out in this Michael Jackson video is what seems to be satanic messages passed on, for the secret powers that be, the Illuminati. Secreted on record covers and in song lyrics etc. Michael Jackson speaks here of being acutely aware of it, and many of his songs talk about him being controlled. It raises questions about how much freedom is available to entertainers.
Must say, my wife an ardent MJ fan is totally unaware of any satanic message. And neither am I. They are pointed out in detail in this video. So if these messages are not perceived by average people  the so called illuminati aren't so bright after all. What's the point? Secret messages written, that nobody reads. Do the "secret puppet masters" doing this really believe we are mind controlled so easily?
And here is what might be called an antidote to any evil machinations. Devil doesnt stand a chance here against this video. Just look at one comment by a captivated viewer.
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patamat13 has made a comment on Mireille Mathieu UN jour II:

I know this great Morricone's music... I know what a UNIQUE singer Mireille Mathieu is... BUT still, the song finished five minutes ago and I haven't moved yet, still sitting here in front of my PC, speechless, stunned...

I always hoped she'd sung this one, but almost lost my hope, couldn't find it anywhere ... but here it is. Thank you, Steve. This is what I call a divine experience.

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