Life of the everyday Gnostic couple.
Sam and Gina.
Sam and Gina are a long term Gnostic couple, more than 12 months,  and their daily lives are  thus different  and instructive.
I wrote and asked a few questions, and here are their answers, for you. Godlings

And wife Gina writes:-

The answers 
I own a nutritional/spiritual/everything goes store.  lol  Yes. People come into the shop for a different variety of items. I feel like a bartender sometimes, with things doctor/psychiatrist/sex therapist you name it, It's probably done.  You got the wanting my opinion thing, down pat, but when they get it, they tend not to want it, if you know what I mean.  I have people drop in all the time, for reasons beyond them, knowing why they are there.

  Everything from headaches to wanting to see what their passed-on has to say. 
Example:  Man from Greenville which is an hour away was driving by the store said he had a strong urge to come into the store, said he didn't know why he was there, I asked if he had any aches or pains he said Yes ! A headache, and if I had anything for it, such as an aspirin .I asked him look around. This is not just your everyday aspirin store.  He said OK and still looked as though he wanted to say something.  I asked him if he wanted me to get rid of his headache, he said of course.  I asked him if I could touch him, he said yes.  I channeled energy through several places on his head (Hand trick) and said I was done.  He said "Is that all there is ?" I asked him how his head was, he said it was easing off. That was weird he said, also replied that it was just coincidence that it had started easing off.  I told him coincidences didn't happen and told him to have a great day.  He left had been gone about 5 mins and I got a phone call he said his head aches was totally gone and he felt great and was full of energy. He thanked me and hung up the phone. 
That's been about a year or so now, and the man still drops in occasionally, to say Hi and that his head hasn't hurt since.  I said cool.  He left.

Source has spoken through me several times, especially for people that have loved ones that have passed on.  Source comes through to say things that only the person standing in front of me would know.  We are not talking about things that you see on tv we are talking about details to how a shirt is laying down hows its buttoned what color it is.  What likes and dislikes they are having with the family what exact time someone was cooking sausage, what color and kind of sheets, pillow, blanket, how the person was positioned on the bed what they had on their head what color, etc. 

Sammy said "Gina you need to ask to see if these people are ready, for these readings, you will never know how they will receive what you are doing".  I told him OK, you tell the Big Dude (that's what I call source sometimes) that.  I kept trying to tell Sammy that though  it was me speaking, that it was something else doing it.  He comes through whenever he feels like it and tells it the way it is. 

Yes ! I surely do the hand trick on somepeople, sometimes it feels not right at the moment like eating a raw donut.  I have had people break down and cry when I do the hand trick on them.  We also have sent people to the website. 
(the yukky feeling  doing the handtrick on some people  ultimately stops ocu
rring after a time)

Your picture is very accurate and I also know that you know there's a lot more that you can add to it.  Lots more, more, more, more.

Wow ! Its so great to finally meet someone like you with the knowing of such.

PS I also love the goose pimples all over, and the even more hair standing up on my arms.  Just so much energy, enjoyable energy so much wow its going on know can you feel it wow its amazing.  If you woke up for no reason and cannot figure out why, now you know.  Still working on getting your bottle to you.  Can't wait to get to meet you in person.  Talk to you later Gina

GET JACKED ON THE JUICE live life and have fun being healthy and wealthy.  No pain is gain of having your life back.  Take charge of you life what are you waiting on.  You ask GOD for IT here IT is JESUS JUICE GOD APPROVED.  Way better then the FDA APPROVAL.

You are only as Rich as you allow yourself to be.  Your emotions are the Driver and you are the Car.  You wouldn't Drive your car where it felt bad to go would you.  Then why not let your great feeling emotions drive you where you desire to be.   Gina

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 5:17 AM, Steve <> wrote: Questions

Gina do tell !
I am picturing your situation and would like to know if my understanding is correct.
Are you running/ working in a health food store, dispensing herbal medicines and stuff?
Natural solutions to health problems?
Do people come in the shop, and use you, as a sort of cheap doctor/psychiatrist?
Tending to talk about their personal problems
Wanting your opinion on things?
If people come to you they might present  sometimes as if they are not sure why they are even there in front of you. They might look a bit awkward....confused.......
As if they are often 'nudged' into visiting you ?
Have you ever found your mouth speaks of its own accord to these people? You are quite sure it wasn't  really you said that ?
It's the source speaking directly thru you. Has that happened?
Your mouth might say something unknown to yourself and the person standing awkwardly says "How do you know I was thinking that?"
Example, you might say, "Did you see that Gridiron  team get thrashed on Telly last night?"
They will  be  very surprised.   
It 'breaks the ice' for the shy person.
Opening up a conversation with a common subject. !
That stuff happens to me frequently.(Steve)
Advanced people are used as teachers. 
It seems to occurr especially if many of the public know, where you are always available, such as in a shop. It happened to me many times in markets.
You might also just "know" their names. Further surprising them.
These little interventions get the  instant attention of wandering Godlings.
They don't forget you.
And will be very receptive to anything you say.
And you mentioned that you show them the handtrick and stuff, and a bit of a chat?
Do you tell them the website?
I have found virtually everyone needs to visit the website.
Even people with very high  IQs, shown the handtrick, completely  ignore the dreams and the morning music.
Essentially everyone needs an introduction it seems.
Sounds like you are doing some very good introductions.
Let me know if I have an accurate picture.
Steve !
Notice the  Fullbright's wise use of the neutral term SOURCE meaning the creator. SOURCE excites no emotion whatsoever in any listener. And can even be used in front of other people without affecting their judgement.

Sam Fullbright Writes
Gina read  me the letter that you wrote to her. Man, did you nail it! She is everything that you described. Yes, we have been 13 years at our Nutritional business. Yes, customers do use Gina to pour their problems on. But since we have gotten hooked up with the big dood I have seen customers come in and say I don't know why I am here. They would also say that either a voice told them to come or they could not get the store out of their mind.
   The way Gina and I work is I am the searcher. I go and find new knowledge (like your sight) and then I share it with Gina. Gina is the sharer . Anything I have discovered, she shares with the world. There is no shyness with her. She tells everybody. I on the other hand am very conservative. I tend to hand select who I tell what to.
   I think it is pretty cool that we have a page on your site. I was totally shocked when I saw it. WOW, master level ? I feel very much like a student, but Gina reminded me, the best teacher is a student. They always continue to learn.
   Now for a little more about me. I am a machinist at a food factory. I make and repair parts for all the various machinery in the plant. I work 3rd shift, 12.5 hour shifts. That is why when you write, it might take a day or two for me to respond. On my off days I am in the store helping Gina. I do enjoy our nutritional business. Back in 1991 when my father contracted cancer it began my quest or search for his cure. I found it and he lived another ten years. I mention this because I think this might have started my searching for the deeper truth in everything. I went through a few years in a religion but was never really satisfied with it. I then went on another search for GOD. It has been at least a ten year road. Learning as much as I can, when I can. So, no I did not find your site by accident. I intended it.

    Now I want to ask you a question. Have you ever heard of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks? I enjoy and live by them. The reason I ask is because I think they teach the same thing in a different way. Abraham says that enlightenment will be a full blending of ones self and inner being (source energy). This is the age of the great awakening. I do believe that you and your site is a major part of this awakening.

He told me to call him HD. High Definition or Heavenly Dad.
note: the sources Humour is never far away

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