Sufi Wisdom
A  delightful poetic  reminder to be true to  one's own divine mission and not to get too sidetracked by the many temptations and distractions of life in the physical plane. And to be not too disheartened by so many disappointing behaviours, because they forge you into  something better. That's why you are here, Godling.
And I realise now why source has serenaded me with the Man of la Mancha song "the impossible  dream" for the last few days leading to this messaging video  being flicked by a gnostic Trevor to me.   Man of la Mancha is a parody of King Arthur's holy grail stories.  To reach the unreachable star, scorned and covered with scars, to march into hell for a heavenly cause. Don Quixote is presented as a romantic fool battling windmills.  But the parodying blind  author of the play, Man of la Mancha,  just didnt get it, that the star is reachable for all of us.